This just out. Guardian angel on sick leave until further notice …

Please, if you are sensitive, and can’t handle the gruesome,  look away.

This is not a happy sight.

I think I knew when he accepted the job that nothing good could come of it. Well, o.k., I admit I gave him no choice in the matter, but, as far as I was concerned the job was his from the minute I set eyes on him. All he wanted was to play football. Tomatoes meant nothing to him. But I needed him, and, in my obsession with growing the perfect vegetable, I disregarded anything that he might want.

In essence, I abused my power.

Just because something can’t walk, or talk, or feel, just because something is made from (what the hell is that, plaster?) something other than flesh and bones, doesn’t mean it was right to dismiss, out of hand, the look of pleading on his little (plastic?) face as I banished him to the far corner of the garden in order to satisfy some need in me.

I should have realized when he first turned up on our doorstep that he wasn’t here to interview. He wasn’t even dressed for the job. But, I ignored all that thinking how generous it was of me to open up my home to this small, lonely, creature. Admittedly  I felt a twinge of uncertainty each time I saw his desperate face staring at me from across the patio, but, in spite of this, I turned my back on him and walked away.

I would have the perfect tomato, dammit.

For a while, all seemed well. He seemed to have resigned himself to his fate. I truly believe that when he set eyes on the vulnerable seedlings I delivered into his care, he couldn’t walk away.

And so he stood, with nothing but his football to remind him of his hopes and dreams.

I’m sorry (resin?) gnome thing. I’m sorry that Willow tore your foot off and ruined your hat. I’m sorry that we eventually found you lying face down in a muddy puddle yards from your post. I don’t think I will ever be able to make it up to you, but, it hurts, you know, to be the recipient of your revenge.

O.k., so maybe I overlooked you, I abandoned you, I abused you,

but really,

what did these tomatoes ever do to you?

In better times …

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I am English, but live in Houston, TX. I have a degree in Sculpture. I love to make art. I sell my art for charity as I believe there should be no reason for someone to go hungry in this world. I am a wife, mother, pottery maker, jewelry maker, quilt maker, painter, cat lover, and, dog liker. And I am very fortunate to be all these things. View all posts by coldfeetstudio

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