Studio time.

It doesn’t look as though I did much more to it but I managed to sneak back in the studio yesterday and now I have this.

I’m not sure if I want to put the windows and doors in. I kind of like it without them. My houses always seem to look a bit shocked with them. Like, what the hell’s going on? Why are you looking at me? kind of thing. In this one, without them, they look as though they are checking the viewer out. Especially the ones that seem to be leaning in for a better look.

Too much time alone in the studio do you think?

I love my dad and only really get to see him once a year although I talk to him on the phone three or four times a week, but, I really, really, really, miss my studio. Three weeks is too long a separation. I feel like a kid whose mum wont let her have an ice cream :( but he leaves on Tuesday and I can definitely make it until then. Then I will miss him and wish I hadn’t been so desperate to do my own thing.

So, no Ellen, I don’t think I am going to put the windows in but I will put the cross on top of the church and the grave markers in the church yard. Does that tell you something of my morbid side? Just pretend you didn’t read it, I’m quite normal really …

While I was deciding what to do next with it, and while dad was watching t.v. with P, I took this one out again and tried to like it.

See those little shocked houses. It’s like they’ve been caught in the act. Don’t ask me what act but they look extremely guilty if you ask me. Now this one will have to chill in the studio until I can get back in there. Dad and P are going fishing on Sunday so lets hope I can figure out something to do with it by then. The only bit I like about it is the sea. Those waves just draw me in. I also like the feeling that everything’s bathed in late afternoon sun, it makes me feel warm. The tree needs a trunk though and the river looks more like an industrial canal which kind of blows the feeling.

Oh well …


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