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I wanted to

take a photo of dinner last night.

But I forgot.

Here it is at the end.


It’s hard to see exactly what we had, so I’ll help you out.

We went to our mussel friends house and ate mussels cooked in butter, white wine and thyme. To be honest the liquid is as good as the meat, M made homemade bread and to dip it in and soak up the liquid is to die for.

We only eat mussels with these people.

It’s a tradition.

To be honest with you eating mussels freaks me out a bit. I’m always relieved when I wake up in the morning and realize I have survived the night.

They also look creepy, like Audrey Jr. from the Little Shop of Horrors. Inside that shell is a miniature venus fly trap waiting to devour you from the inside out.


O.K. maybe only I can see the comparison.

But they are delicious.

Especially if you don’t look at them too much.

We finished it off with warm chocolate cake and cream.

Now I’ll have to see if I can haul my ever growing belly out of the house to buy something healthy for dinner.

Just so you know.

It’s 46 ¡™£¢∞§¶•••ªªƒ©˙∆˚

(O.K. that’s me trying to find the degree sign. No worries, I think I got it).

It’s 46˚ out there today.

Very nice. I feel as though I can breathe.

Although Wally has decided that he’s better off under the bed clothes.

Either that or he’s hiding from the wicked step cat who’s here for the weekend.

Here she is in her exorcist pose.

Freaky cat.

A few things going on right now.

First I found these.

Which I’m really excited about.

You can read about my poached egg trauma here and here.

But, be warned, it includes the word, snot.

I haven’t tried them out yet but today might just be the day.

 And although I did say there were a few things going on at the moment, I think I lied as I can’t seem to come up with anything else.

I did find this, however,

in the cupboard, which has encouraged me to try a few more.

I’m still reading up on selling my jewelry wholesale, but haven’t got that far with it yet because it involves going out and talking to people. I didn’t know I was such a chicken.

O.K. maybe I did.

I have been listing a few more things on Etsy.

(I didn’t write that Danielle ;) did I ever mention I was a slow learner?).

And today?

I’m thinking of getting out my PMC and making some charms. Only the stuff makes me really frustrated as all I seem to do is get hundreds of dollars of sticky silver on my fingers which is really annoying and no good for my blood pressure.

Maybe I should experiment with the copper clay first just to get a grip on things.

This is one of my first attempts before I put the stuff away in disgust.

Not very inspiring.

But, other people can do it, so I’m determined I can. Not that I’m stubborn or anything.

Or, I might paint.

Let’s just hope the poached egg situation doesn’t put a damper on the whole day.

I will report back …


I’m working on today.

Only it doesn’t quite look like her yet.

I had a bit of trouble getting back into my studio after the art fair. I typically go through a, what’s the point, period afterward, but, it’s over now.

I think.

I’m off out this morning, but, I’m looking forward to getting back home to work on this.

So I must have recovered. Right?

And here’s a pic of Spencer One Eye.

He only needs one eye to look adoringly at me.

Feel the love.

Or is that boredom. The old, oh for the love of god, not another photograph! look.

No. I think it’s love.

I’ve been

Listing new things on Etsy.

Man it’s long work.

I also put something new on Tictail but I’m not sure anyone really goes to look at that.

Now I feel like this.

I think I’ll go play with a cat.


Was the art fair.

The weather was perfect.

Which is unusual to say the least. It’s usually hot as hell, even though it’s near the end of October.

Here is my booth.

Every year, well twice a year really, after I pack up from doing this fair I swear I’m going to re vamp my booth for the next time.

Make it look more professional.

Something that looks like I know what I’m doing.

And looks as though I’m serious about doing it.

I did do something different with the earrings but the rest will just have to wait for next time now.

I’m not holding my breath.

Here’s my friend Nicki’s booth. She’s an old pottery friend of mine and it was the first time since we’ve both been doing this show that we were placed next to one another.

Of course, I had to buy some of her bowls …


All said and done I made $1,000 for charity even though it was really, really slow in the morning and I thought I’d never get beyond selling two pairs of earrings.

So, thank you everyone that came out to see me yesterday. And, thank you everyone who bought from me off etsy recently.

Getting rid of my stuff means I can make more :)

Happy times.

Some of my favourite stuff.

Lilla Jizo


Indigo twin weddings

Slightly triangle

Hillary Cosgrove

You lookin’ at me!

Thursday, and all is well.

Crisis over.

I’ve priced all of my jewelry so I’m good to go on Saturday to the art festival, if it doesn’t rain.

I’ve had my hair cut. (Haven’t actually taken a good look at it yet so I’m hoping it’s o.k.).

I’m about to have a cup of tea.

Then I’m off out to the studio.

It’s going to be a good day.


It must be Monday again.

O.k. today’s the day I’m giving up painting again.

This seems to happen on a regular basis now.

This is what I feel like.


Pure droopy melodramatical anguish.

Hence, the above, is a small angusishy photo, because I feel small and anguishey.

(Yes, I know that’s not a word but I’m in too much anguish to care).

I might have to give up jewelry too. I haven’t decided yet, but I think it’s killing me. Slowly. In an anguishy kind of way.

I think definitely a time out is in need.

A time out to clean my studio. To get all the dust out of there. To rethink how to get all the fumes out of there. And to reorganize. It looks as though a bomb has hit it.

All you wanna, need to, I’m new to it all but just have to, jewelers out there, pay attention. It’s a dangerous hobby and could kill you at any time – or cause amputation.

Either way, it’s not good, and is certainly an inconvenience.

Don’t let me put you off though. That weird feeling in my chest could just be a panic attack waiting to happen, or indigestion, but my hypochondriacal self knows those are just lies written to assuage my fear of the inevitable.

That I’m dying.


To help you not die, however, take comfort. I have found this website for you.

You can now rest assured that you do not have to become as anguishy as I have.

There is hope.

Just so you know.

I’m working on a new triffid.

It’s vaguely thundering out there and I love it. Hopefully we’ll get a storm with a good heavy downpour and moody skies. Right now, it’s just grumbling but it’s nice and dark and promising.

Happy Sunday :)

So, where were we …

As you may remember I made this link.

Which was all well and good except that the chain I made with it costs 5 billion dollars as it was so time consuming to make the ends smooth enough so that they wouldn’t catch on your clothes. (This bracelet is still for sale btw if anyone has the 5 billion in cash).

finished bracelet

So, just in case people couldn’t afford the 5 billion, I made a revised version of the link,

this time with balled up ends.

finished bracelet

This one was, by far, faster to make but I’m not sure I prefer it to the first. However, I haven’t made a whole chain out of the link yet so I might like it more then.

See that little divot in the end of the ball?

Don’t laugh, but, I’ve just found out if you use .999 fine silver wire instead of sterling silver the balls come out perfectly. I found the wire to be a lot softer to work with, however, and it has a tendency to kink and bend and basically take on its own shape until you harden it by hammering or tumbling. Is the fighting with it worth it for the perfect ball and the non tarnished finish, I ask myself?

Myself has yet to make a decision on that count.

And, as we’re talking about tumbling …

When I first bought my tumbler a few years or six back I bought the wrong shot and it all went rusty after the first time I used it. But, even though I moaned and grumbled and wondered if I would ever use the thing anyway, I finally bought the correct, stainless steel, shot. Why do they even sell the rusty kind I want to know? When I tried it out a second time I was really put off by how long the thing had to run for it to even begin to shine the silver. I actually ran it for a good couple of hours and when I finally got really fed up with it and opened it up to take a look, the silver was still the same dirty old stuff I’d put in there. And I wont even mention the noise the thing makes, the constant droning, on and on and on, except that it’s really annoying. I even thought about putting it outside to do its thing but it’s that irritating the neighbours might complain.

Fast forward to now when I decided to give the thing another go. It bums me out that other people use tumblers and yet I can’t seem to get the hang of it and so the darn thing has been lurking in the background like a sore tooth, niggling away, and, I swear, just mocking me. So, I braced myself for the noise and disappointment, put some cleaning stuff in there along with the shot and water, and, what do you know, the whole thing leaks. The rubber seal has obviously sat too long in the cupboard. I got out an old empty glaze tub and improvised with that, just to prove to myself that this was not going to faze me, (I’d show it!), but, again, after hours and hours, the silver was still unchanged. I read on a forum somewhere that some people leave the thing running overnight. I just can’t see me doing that. And the bottom line – I don’t even like shiny silver. Must have forgotten that little detail when I bought the darn thing.

I am determined that this piece of no good equipment is going to work for me, however, and so today I am going to give it one last shot. This time to harden my silver, not to clean it, as for the life of me I don’t know if the thing would know how to clean silver if it had to save the world.

Here are my newest chain bracelets.

And a tiger eye and silver necklace.

In your face tumbler thing.


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