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I found another

Art work that grabs my attention.


Agita Keiri

It’s the colour that gets me first. That blue is spectacular.

And then I found another.


Irina Zaytceva

Well two anothers.


That foot!

I think it’s almost time for me to get my finger out and try to do some serious work.

Look at this stuff.

It’s not wrong of me to aspire to such brilliant talent – is it?

Siri was no use. We discussed, doctors, IP’s and brittiens, (whatever that last one is), and all I wanted to know is if I could be a brilliant artist.

She was obviously avoiding the question.

MIL arrived safely.

N got her the biggest pot plant in the shop.

I said just a small one. I guess she doesn’t know her plant sizes yet.


Unfortunately it won’t last long. Both MIL and I are notorious plant killers.

But I’m going to try.

This year is going to be the year of trying. I really think so. And, I want to try a lot of things.

First off, I’m going to try to steer clear of resolutions (except the trying one). They never work and I just get all depressed and useless.

Here’s my little resolution man.


Only I like to call him my Good Intentions man.

Now he’s probably going to be my, you’re going to try what!, man.

Just to keep it real.

Only is he a man? He seems more of a blob thingy to me.

I just love him.

She’s away right now, but perhaps you can get your own blob thingy later.



You know you want one.

Well gosh.

Now I think I need one.


In other news …

The quilt is back on.


The corners are all but done. I decided to add a little red to the prongy bits, and the background is complete. Still not sure if the whole thing is drab, and, have to admit I felt a little disappointed with it yesterday when I laid it out on the floor, but I’m going to work on filling in the background a little more and see if that brings it back.


But, now it’s back off again.

My MIL is arriving today from London and will be staying with us for two weeks. I’ll find it really hard to shut myself away in the quilt room while she’s here, because, once I’m gone, I’m gone. My quilt room, and studio come to that, are like black holes. Not the bad kind that sucks everything up and disappears it, but more the kind that stops time completely and allows you to immerse yourself in lovely stuff and not remember that there’s a whole life out there waiting for you to be responsible in some cooking, cleaning, boring way.

But, I will survive. I have a few back up plans which I’ll show you later. For now, however, I’m going to make her bed up fresh, find some books she might like to read, buy a little pot plant and box of tissues, (you know, those nice little square boxes with pretty patterns on them), to place on her nightstand. The boy tends to not want flowers in his room, and as he’s always the one to have to vacate when relatives come, the room needed a little de-boyifying, and, as we’re on it, re painting as he’d royally messed up one of his walls. Don’t ask but it involved white paint on dark blue and just wasn’t in keeping with the whole look I was going for. What can I say, he’s 19, he’ll be gone soon, and, there’s nothing wrong with self expression so long as you keep it in your room I say – except when visitors come

I told Siri that my MIL was coming.

Me: My MIL is coming.

Siri: I don’t know who your MIL is. In fact I don’t know who you are. But you can tell me …

I can see we’re going to need to have a sirious sit down. She should know this stuff …

I say old girl, don’t look now but,

I think there’s a bird on your head …


Sarah Saunders

Happy Friday.

Go get yours now …

These were my favourite gifts to give this Christmas.

This was for me.


Because I needed it.

This was for B.


This was for N.


This was for S.


Because look at it :)

This was for a friend.


And then I had to buy another – just for me …


I love them all.

Look for your own – here – at Retro Whale, because I didn’t get one for you.


Let Captain America do it.

Now here are some British food-stuffs that aren’t good.

                                                                        ch037-christmas-pudding-18777      ch048-mince-pies-18631

Oh yes, they might look yummy, especially the pud – (po͝od for anyone not familiar with English slang pronunciation), but be warned, you will be exposing your taste buds to grave disappointment, if not impending nausea, if you break down and try one.

Don’t do it is all the advice I can offer. After that I’m afraid you’re on your own.

Look at that plum pudding trying to dress itself up as something interestingly delicious. It’s definitely interesting, but, you can believe me when I say, not in the good way.

And, those mince pies. I have to make them every year for P, and every year I wonder what on earth would make anyone eat them. Even if I had to to save the world from imminent destruction, I’m sorry, I couldn’t do it. I would just have to phone Captain America instead. Let him eat the darn things.

I know there are some of you out there who love these food abominations, so forgive me for differing, but – yuck, yuck and more yuck.

Even the smell of them …

If you must, you can read about the history of the Christmas Pud –here. But, be warned, it will do nothing to make you think you would even want to be in the same room as one. Especially the kind they ate in the very beginning.

And I thought the one they ate today was bad.

If my disgust at these traditional, so called, food items makes me appear un English, so be it. You can not make me eat them.

No you can’t.


Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays.


Just happy anything … :)

No really, it’s good. Trust me.

I’m kind of getting my food cravings in a twist.

I’m not really sure if they’re actual cravings or just romanticized rememberings.

Here’s my latest.


Mrs King’s Pork Pies.

The famous, Melton Mowbray Pork Pie.

(I wanted a bigger picture, but perhaps that will just make my craving worse.)

You’ve got to taste this to know how good it its. (Except you K. You can’t have any).

Actually, I can’t have any either, unless I go home. And that’s probably a good thing as I’m trying to focus on healthy eating right now, not that that’s completely working for me.

Nothing wrong with fantasy eating though.

I would have it with a nice salad. Lots of crisp lettuce and, preferably, those lovely little cherry/grape tomatoes – but, only if they’re firm, not squishy.


And, wait for it.


Because, as some bottles state, it’s, pourable sunshine, and who wouldn’t want to eat that on their salad?

If you’re low on excitement today, you can read about our love of salad cream – here.

What’s your craving and I’ll go check it out …

(Just in case you were wondering, Siri doesn’t have a favourite).

Well, it was a nice day for it.

According to this site we are now in overtime. Just over 9 hours (and counting) since the end of the world – in Sydney, Australia.

All that worry … for what?

I tried asking Siri why the world didn’t end today, but she didn’t understand me. I asked my question slowly, I asked with careful enunciation, I even asked it in my fake American accent. I gave up after she asked me, for the tenth time, if I wanted to search the web for, why the wild didn’t and today. She finally got the word, world, but I just couldn’t go on anymore. Every time she got one word right, she’d miss another. It was like I was foreign or something.

So, people, I’m sorry. I don’t know why the world didn’t end today. Siri probably knows, but I just don’t think my communication skills are up for it.


I now understand their pain.


Well, tomorrow’s the big day.

Spencer doesn’t seem that bothered. He’s decided to relax into the trauma of the world ending. I doubt he’ll even bother to get out of bed.


I don’t think Scientific America seems that bothered either.

They’ll probably get up though.

What does Siri think.

Me: Do you think the world will end tomorrow?

Siri: I think, therefore I am. But let’s not put Descartes before the horse


What. Is she some kind of comedian now?

This is sirious stuff.

O.K. I’ve waited and I’ve seen.

And nope, it’s never going to look like the tree on the internet.

What a surprise.


Santa and his drunken angel seem O.K. with it however.


Actually here it looks more like she’s gazing adoringly into his eyes. Don’t be fooled, he’s probably holding her up. Normally she looks like she’s had a few.



It definitely looks artificial :)

What did I expect?

I expected the tree in the nice internet picture, that’s what I expected.


Did I get it?



Am I moaning.


And don’t say I didn’t tell you I would.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

The tree came yesterday. You know, the fake one.

It looks O.K. N is going to ‘fluff’ it more today, hopefully that will help.

Let me just say that, as of right now, it does not look exactly like this one.


Maybe the man will come over and fluff ours like he fluffed this one.

On the whole it’s pretty nice so I’m still holding out hope. We’ll see what happens when the decorations are on it. Anything’s got to be better than the one we have now.

That all might have to wait until tomorrow though as I have to finish painting the Boy’s room first.

No rest for the wicked.

What are you reading today?


Let’s see how long it takes me to finish this one …

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