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That boy did a fine job …

The Union Jack pattern has arrived!


Click image to go to pattern

I haven’t forgotten about the quilt I was working on before Christmas – or the five hundred and sixty three others that are waiting patiently for me to finish.

If you remember, this is where I left it. On the floor, alone, wondering when I would return … if I would return …



But now the Union Jack is here.

Will there be war between the two quilts? Somehow I think the Empire might well win …

Talking of the Empire, (for which I have regret and apologize profusely),

 on to the movie.

It was good, but not as good as I thought it would be. To be honest though I didn’t know what I expected. I think the hype got the better of it for me.

That said, someone please explain to me why that boy didn’t even get a nomination for his role?

He was brilliant in my opinion, and not bad to look at either, but I wont say that as that would make me want to be 19 again and I just couldn’t go through all that teenage angst again. Once was more than enough for me thank you very much.

I loved the book. One of my favourites. I found it shocking and heart wrenching, and thought-provoking – and, I love to think and be shocked, it makes you sit up and take notice in a, more often than not, mundane existence.

I read it a long time ago and had forgotten about the violence. I hate watching all that lion chasing gazelle David Attenborough stuff and get upset when it comes on the t.v. so the parts in the movie that touched upon that almost made me regret watching it. I had to look away a few times, but I got over it, and am pleased that I did.

I seem to have a love affair with all things Indian. I think it began with, A Passage to India, and continued from there. For some reason, everything I have ever watched or read that is Indian in nature touches me. For me there is something magical about their culture, their myths, their art. Perhaps it’s their spirituality, what ever it is I somehow have always felt a connection.

Who knows, perhaps I was Indian in another life.

So, if you were to ask my opinion, I would probably say the movie was certainly good, but read the book if you only have one option.

Although that boy did a fine job …

Now, where were we?

Back to jewelry.

I’ve been making a few things.


Sterling silver and Chinese Hemimorphite Druzy


Sterling Silver, Lucin Utah Variscite, Blue Opals and Thai Silver Beads.


Sterling Silver, Tiger Eyes, Lapis, Raw Rubies and Wooden Beads.


Copper, Tiger Eyes, Raw Rubies, Wooden beads.


Sterling Silver and Green Opals.


Copper, Green Turquoise, Blue Turquoise and Mystic Aura Quartz.

Click on photos to see examples of stones used.

I decided to go a bit bohemian with the last one, but I’m not sure I like it.

I’ve not been in the studio today as I’ve been out and about this morning and decided that I just have to go to see Life of Pi this afternoon before it leaves the cinema without me.

N and I are off in a few minutes. I loved the book, I’m guessing the movie will be good according to the reviews, and Ang Lee is just so cute, isn’t he? He seems like a nice man.

Tomorrow I’m thinking of rearranging the studio. Moving everything around. Touching stuff, throwing out stuff and generally cleaning it all up.

Big job. Not sure if I’m completely up to it.

We’ll see.

Just when is one more too many?

Tired and fed up and a little low this morning.

Want to stay in bed.

Like Wally.


It’s not cold. The time for fires and quilts is over for us now.

But I still have one of mine on the bed.

Well, on my side of the bed. P doesn’t seem to have the same appreciation for these things as I do.

Saw this quilt in the Sundance Catalogue for hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

So I made my own.




It’s a little old granny-ish, but it’s one of my favourites.

Actually, don’t tell P, but I have another quilt under this one also.

It’s a Drunkard’s Path.




This is probably why I’m feeling low.

Too many darn blankets holding me down.

I was searching for a link for the Drunkard’s Path pattern, when I came across this.

Union Jack Quilt

click photo

So (for heaven’s sake) now I’ve got to make one.

Like I haven’t enough U.F.O’s (unfinished object) on my plate.

S’pose I should get out of bed and get going then …

‘Ello, ‘ello.

We’ve had visitors.


There are four of them, but these two like to torment Wally.

It’s a wonder he can see them through the dirty windows. (Guess what I’ll be doing today).

Pickles can’t help but get involved, especially when there might be trouble.


But that cat has Pickles’ number.

“Wotch you lookin’ at boiii?”

(Actually Pickles is a girl but I try to keep all the cats grouped into one sex, just to avoid confusion. To all you cat psychologists out there, there is no evidence that this is why Pickles eats for comfort, or has aggressive tendencies. She’s just fat because that’s how she likes it and she considers it her duty to protect her family. As we all should …).


Here he’s asking.

“Really Wol, You need a Pickles cat to protect you?

I have disdain for you all”.


“I cannot even look you in the face, and my brother, he licks his behind at you”.

(You might not be able to tell just by reading this, but he has a French accent. (It’s beyond me how they got here). However, he likes to swap up the accent a bit with a little East End London at times – as with the, “Wotch you lookin’ at boiii”, comment. It works better for the, in your face, attitude but he seems to prefer his native tongue for contempt. As in this excellent example).

Let’s just hope things don’t get this bad.

Just a tidbit or two.

New paintings.


Started daily.


But never finished.

Bane of my life …

It’s Friday people :)

Find out what the caveman’s up to



Hold that short news.

I haven’t abandoned this blog to the Reluctant Caveman. I’m just having trouble juggling the two of them.

Once my 30 days are up, (yes, I’m in prison. All tea privileges are taken away) I will be back in force.

With new lovelies.

Such as this.


And, this.


And I will have glorious tales of victory and defeat, and anger and frustration, and joy and …

What ever.

So, hold tight, keep strong, and lets hope this new diet doesn’t take me out completely.


Studio Time.

Today I made a ring.





And a painting


Now I’ve got to wait until tomorrow until I can play again.


Just some doodles today.

bird1 bird2

This one cracks me up. He looks so frightened.


I made this one into a rubber stamp. He also looks a little worried.

He’s friends with the banner bird in my title.

2 bird

It’s safe to say, we have overload again. So much fun to make all of these things, and so little time to get them all out.

Oh, the bitter-sweet joy of it all.

(I feel a melodramatic moment coming on).

So, what to do today?

I want to plant herbs.

I want to make jewelry.

I want to finish glazing my pots.


I feel a, let’s get on with finishing this quilt then shall we, coming on.


This is where I left off just after Christmas.


Due to my MIL visiting.

I took it off the boil and never got back to it.

And, just because I think you need one, here’s a cheerful little Triffid doing the happy dance.


Happy Friday.


Is it love or do you just need to get comfortable?

Since when is my arm the new sofa?






I woke up this morning after dreaming I was pinned down by a steel beam.

Needless to say I was Wally’s new resting post.

No matter to him that I was laying on my side and he had to balance on the top of my arm. Or that I kept trying to turn over and he had to jiggle his position accordingly.

No matter that I was paralyzed by his middle-aged weight and had no use in my arm for ten minutes after I got up.

At least he loves me.

What more can a gal want.


The results are in.





Now back to the drawing board.

Will I ever know what I want them to look like?

Probably not.

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