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While I’ve been gone.

O.K. So perhaps I haven’t really been gone. Except to the land of    Complete. And. Utter. Boredom!

I’ve been bored and lonely as P went to England again – without me (again), and I was left behind with only the cats for company. And Willow.

Who’s been a nightmare.


I’ve taken her for walks.





(She was a bit hard to catch with my super photography skills being hampered, as they were, by my also needing to hold onto the leash for dear life.)


Oh yes, she looks all innocent here with her, look at me I’ve found another tennis ball to add to my collection pose, but, let me tell you, in those peaceful and joyous recreational times I nearly took a dive in the ditch with the snapping turtles, (that have grown rather too big and ferocious if you ask me). Involuntarily chased all the ducks on the planet. Been almost very nearly killed by a very sweet, calm, and extremely beautiful killer husky type something or other dog. (O.k. maybe that was the other way around). Had several touch and go moments when Willow decided to also try to kill all the other dogs in the neighbourhood. Listened in anguished humiliation as she barked at everything that came within five hundred and fifty three feet of us. Watched as she very nearly choked herself to death until I wised up and bought her a harness collar, and finally, was completely mortified when she terrorized two sweet little girls playing with their huge and rather ugly doll by the lake. Hopefully they were trying to drown it so that they could plead sorrow and entrap their parents into buying them a new, not quite so Chucky-like, one. Or perhaps something more practical even, like a light saber, or the Holy Hand Grenade, to ward off freaky, go for the throat, Willow dogs in the park.

Told you.



I am sick


The people who live in this house with me have coughed, and spluttered, and sniffed their germs with abandon throughout this holiday. Now they are up and running and happy and have left me behind in their wake of illness.

I have now pulled every muscle in my abdomen through coughing and am feeling thoroughly sorry for myself.

And, to top it all, P won’t give up working so we can live our lives together without him having to leave the house every day. He says it’s something to do with having to pay the bills, but I’m not sure I believe him.

I think it’s possible that he just doesn’t want my germs, and there I was thinking we would share everything through this journey called marriage.

Well blow everyone. I will be sick, here, alone, with only Sid, my trusty computer, to keep me company, and work on my plan for world domination.

That will teach them.

I’m not too sick to go into the studio you understand. Just too sick to do housework, or anything like that.

Housework is not good for my health anyway, so I wouldn’t want to make myself worse.

So I will leave you with something I am working on.

A little something that Felicity Windthrop has been arranging in her floral studio for the upcoming banquet to celebrate Queen Significanta’s fortieth year on the throne.


The pot was made especially for the occasion by Charlie Smithfield. Charlie has been making what some might consider to be ‘rather outlandish’ pottery for close on fifty years now in his small studio just outside the city walls, and has recently been knighted for his consistent contribution to the advancement of the arts.

Happy New Year To You

May your tea be ever strong and flavourful.

Clyde Jnr

Clyde Jnr

If you ask nicely, maybe Judith will make you one ;)

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