I’m on a roll!

Two more finished.

Quick! Someone restrain me before this gets out of hand.



I call them my, Harbour Series


Since the art fair I’ve slowly been putting my jewelry back on Etsy, but I’ve kind of lost heart a bit. I think that maybe I’m just a little lazy at trying to work this thing.

But, before I start to wallow, I’d like to talk to you about my latest teacup disappointment.

As you all know, I am particularly fond of my tea. Some might say that my four cuppa a day habit is a problem waiting to happen, but you know, I watch it carefully, and it doesn’t affect my day to day functioning so I’m not too worried about it at the moment.

If it ever gets out of hand I promise I’ll let you know, but I really don’t need the intervention thing yet.

I have spoken before about the qualities required for the optimal tea drinking experience, so I was slightly surprised when I threw caution to the wind and bought this cup at the Bayou Art Festival this spring.


It’s lovely isn’t it? But don’t let that fool you. There is danger lurking in its form.

Suffice to say it meets all the necessary requirements except for the handle.

You just cannot hold the cup safely when it is filled with tea. Aesthetically the form fits the bill, but functionally, and let’s face it, if you’re going to be drinking tea from it four times a day that’s the most important thing, it fails miserably.

Even P, when he lovingly makes my first cup of the day, cusses as he brings it to me.

You can carry it, but it’s touch and go that it won’t tip in your grip, and I feel that the strength you need in your finger to keep it steady will require daily strengthening exercises which, quite frankly, I haven’t got the time to spend on.

So this lovely cup is now relegated to the back of the teacup cupboard with all of the other, nope, that’s not going to work, cups.

It pains me to see them abandoned as they are, but just ask the Japanese – they know, tea drinking is important business.

Thank goodness I’m taking Desmond Tutu’s Forgiveness Challenge!

I am working on forgiving the potter as I type.

Doesn’t Desmond make you smile every time you see him?


Optimal Tea Drinking Requirements

1:  Rim thickness.

It’s not that I discriminate, but thick rims are for coffee drinkers. For tea more delicacy is required.

2: Form.

The cup should function efficiently, this means that you should be able to use the handle.

3: Size.

A cup that is too small is not worth the time or effort.

4: Aesthetics.

Of course it has to be beautiful.

5: Clay body.

There are just some clay bodies that simply make the tea taste bad. Don’t ask me why. It’s just one of those crazy tea phenomenons.

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I am English, but live in Houston, TX. I have a degree in Sculpture. I love to make art. I sell my art for charity as I believe there should be no reason for someone to go hungry in this world. I am a wife, mother, pottery maker, jewelry maker, quilt maker, painter, cat lover, and, dog liker. And I am very fortunate to be all these things. View all posts by coldfeetstudio

3 responses to “I’m on a roll!

  • e1aine

    Totally agree. This is the type of cup too lovely to throw away, too impractical to use (you could turn it into a candle?) I also need fairly straight sides on my teacups to avoid slurping noises and they really must be big enough.

    Love the art.

    • coldfeetstudio

      Hi Elaine, my dad said the weather over there is nice at the moment? It’s nice to meet another authentic tea drinker ;)

      • e1aine

        I drink djinn it constantly, I’ve never considered that this might be a problem. Perhaps it is time for a review.

        The weather here is lovely, fingers crossed it lasts a bit longer as I have the next 4 days off work.

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