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And this one

Is called,

Just throw all of the colours you have onto the board and go from there.


I took some photo’s of my studio mess for you.



There are two fans, one to the side of me, and one behind me. I have also tried it with the window open, but in 95 degree weather that often just makes things worse. Or feels like it does.

I think I’m getting a little closer to what I would like to do with the encaustics, but am happy to continue with what I’m doing right now as it’s all a learning process.

Got to get the bad stuff out first, as the saying goes.

Don’t think I’ve found the good stuff yet, but I’ve still got a good few years left in me.


Unless the fumes get me.

Or the weather.

Allergies today. When I turn my head the world spins. I’ll be o.k. driving down town though, I just won’t look anywhere but ahead. Might get a bit touch and go changing lanes on the freeway, but who knows, maybe my under utilized sixth sense will kick in and I’ll know exactly where all the other cars on the road are without having to look.

I’ll be getting myself some of that nasty nasal spray on the way home.

Here there and everywhere…

New encaustic painting.

I call it,

Red fields with big yellow blobby flower things.


I’m still working on how I can get rid of the wax fumes. Yesterday I tried using a fan to blow the smell away from me, but the air just cooled the wax and I couldn’t use it properly. I’m thinking an extractor fan would be best, but then just how many extractor fans does a girl need.

I need a room that IS an extractor fan. Now that’s a thought waiting to happen.

I find the whole encaustic thing a bit messy which is saying A LOT coming from the messiest person alive.

How did I get to be so messy? We may never know. Sometimes I can barely move around the studio. I went in there once or twice to clean up when my dad and sister were here, but had to walk out again as I was immediately overwhelmed by it all.

I do try to put everything back as I use it on the jewelry table. And that works great until I get carried away with what I’m making and it all goes to pot.

Too easily distracted is my theory.

I’m going to have to stop reading the news. It’s too depressing. I’m sitting here already having a little moment after reading about Gaza, and the children, and the airplane people, and all the terrible things happening around the world.

I’m thinking there should be a news channel with all good, positive news. I don’t mean sappy, puppy articles, but real, look what’s happening over here to fix things, and see, it’s working, articles.

But then what would happen to all the bad stuff. We can’t ignore it.

Yesterday I went to a local ministry to see if I could volunteer for the food bank place. I’ve been building myself up for it for a while now because I didn’t really want to get involved with all of that church stuff, but it’s definitely time to get over myself.

I was amazed that I hadn’t noticed the place before. I drive past it often. It’s right there on the road, and it takes up a whole strip center. I walked into the back office thinking it was just going to be food and resale, but there were loads of people in there waiting to be helped in terms of finding jobs and getting help with food and bills etc.

I felt so ashamed that I didn’t know.

Of course we all know, but going into the place just made everything real.

There were real people in there waiting to be helped, and here I was just driving past them every day.

I spoke to the volunteer woman, who told me that the food bank always has loads of volunteers and that no one was going to be moving from that part of the ministry soon, but I realized then that I could volunteer in many other departments.

I felt good about it, but then I went to bed and woke up a 3 a.m. worrying about all of the people, what I would have to do, would I be able to do it, would I want to do it, and if I did do it, would I be shot doing it.

Because obviously these people who have nothing are angry and resentful and violent.

Then I lay awake for the next hour or so feeling even more ashamed of myself that I could think so little of people, and so much of myself.

Sorting cans at the back of the food bank seemed so safe in comparison to actually meeting real people.

So now I’m waiting for them to call back to schedule a tour and orientation. That’s the problem really, I needed to just start right in. Apparently they need to vet their volunteers first though. Seems a bit harsh.

I’ve tried volunteering before. I worked at the local hospital once, but that didn’t go down well with my hypochondria. I always came home with some new disease or condition. I had to give up reading Susan Hill’s Inspector Serrailler books for that reason. His sister was a doctor. I could handle the murders just not the side stories where the doctor had to deal with illnesses I’d never even heard about. Kind of spoiled the whole head chopped off with an axe part for me.

And that’s my news for today. It’s all a bit of a waffly, a bit sad, a bit dreary kind of a day. P’s gone to San Diego, or somewhere that starts with a S. He’ll be back later so that’s o.k., and I’m going to see what else I can do with the fan so that I don’t have to die sooner rather than later because of the old wax fumes.

I’ll figure it all out one day.

Fright night at the circus.

Here are two of the collages I made while I was away.

Pretty weird but … well you decide.

The extraordinary Crab Man.


And the, how you doin’?, tribal guy.


And yesterday I started another painting.


But of course, as I’ve not been in the studio for three weeks I’ve decided once again to quit painting as I don’t know what I’m doing with it all.

Man it’s frustrating.

Inside my head it’s a nightmare of indecision and doubt. It’s a wonder I function at all.

Thankfully, as I get older my short time memory has decided to call it quits and start working on half speed so I forget to give up on things almost as soon as I decide to.

It’s all good in the end.


Well, they’ve gone :(

And all that’s left is me.

O.K. me and those other people that live in this house with me.

But I still feel left behind.

I’m either leaving or being left, and that’s not cool.


Enough feeling sorry for myself, and onwards people.

Onwards and Upwards.

We had a great time. We went back to Rockport TX for a week of fishing, otherwise known as P, dad, and S going out each day and telling tall tales when they got home of all the fish they caught, but which were too small to bring home.


I didn’t see one pterodactyl, although my sister insisted they were still there.


Pterodactyl – credit: Nobu Tamura

Laying in wait.

scary pelicans bird things

Scary pelicans bird things

We did see the seagulls, but nowhere near as many as the thousands that swarmed us last year.

But then K did forbid me from throwing bread at them.

She’s no fun in that respect.

We ate, we read, I made some art. We suffered the a/c packing up on day three of our stay, but as it was only 95 degrees outside we only withered away a little bit. It was soon fixed though, and I have to say that the canal house we stayed in was really, really nice, so no worries there.

We drank a lot of tea, and K had her milky coffee every day so all was good.

Apart from that we just had a lazy time really although K, on her last day, as we were waiting for the time we had to leave for the airport, did inform me that she would have liked to have visited NASA.

Good grief girl, could you not have mentioned that at the beginning of your stay!

As the NASA place here in Houston is extremely boring in my opinion, I didn’t really care, but it would have been nice to have taken her.

Oh well K, you’ll just have to come back now won’t you …

So, all I have now is my studio, which will take me a while to get used to going into again.

Me, my studio, and I.

But don’t feel too sorry for me my cyberspace friends. Just because my family has left me here in foreign lands (again), alone to fend for myself among the strange native people, I will be o.k.


Most likely.


I had a little bit of time, so …

I worked a little more on one painting.


And I made another encaustic.


Now I just have to figure out the best way to ventilate my studio so that the wax doesn’t kill me, and I’ll be off and running.


Until further notice.

The studio is closed.

Before I go, however, I wanted to show you some last minute paintings that I started yesterday.

I really enjoy these coastal paintings.


The houses still need work, especially the ones on the right hand side, and the church is giving me some grief.


These are painted on 6 x 18 inch birch boards. I really like this size. I’m working myself up to larger, but can’t quite manage it yet.

The colours of oils pastels really are gorgeous in my opinion, but I am having trouble with them drying.

I guess I’m just going to have to keep them all.

Here it is underneath an earlier one.

IMG_3304 - Version 2

And because I flit around I also started another one.

This is larger. 18 x 12 I think.

I think I’m going to put more land up in the right hand corner as there’s too much sky going on right now.

Not that I make it up as I go along you understand.


I started this one (below) a couple of days ago, but it’s not doing that much for me at the moment.


And this one is a further experiment with the encaustics.


I’ve ordered some more colours, so that’s exciting. They’re really expensive though which leads me to think that I will only be making small ones until I hit on a super fantastic style which will make me famous and which everyone will be lining up just waiting to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for.

This might take some time, however, but I’m up for the wait.

Dad’s on his way. Just about to take off from Heathrow I should imagine. I must say that I don’t envy him the flight, but it’s going to be really nice to see him.


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