Garden Goneth, Mulch Cometh.

And that would be a great fat


Followed by another one


Last week…

Gardener: Would you like mulch?

(Only this was said mainly with arm movements as neither of us fully understands each other’s language.)

Me: Oh yes. Great!

This morning.

Gardner: We mulch tomorrow. Today we prepare.

Me: Great!

This afternoon.


Oh no P. Look what they did to your garden.


P: Bugger!

Now this may not seem so bad to you, and I wish I could have taken a better photograph, (as it was I was too distressed and had to do a hit and run), but you have to understand that before the gardeners ‘prepared’ you couldn’t see any of the fence.

P had worked on it over the spring and it was almost like an English garden. Loads of colorful shrubs and stuff. It was a riot of organized chaos, and I was really enjoying it.

It was beautiful.


Where did it all go.



So next year I’m going to either have to take a more intensive charades class or a course in Spanish for gardeners.

Look at that poor, lonely, what the hell happened to all my friends, bush.

He probably thinks it’s something he said.

O.K. so it’s the art festival this weekend so that should take my mind off it.

Perhaps it will have grown back by Monday.

If not I suppose the upside is that at least I’ll be able to see the mulch.



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