A remarkable thing happened earlier in the week.

I came in for lunch, as often happens at lunch time …



and thought I’d watch the news on the t.v. as I ate.


and you might have to prepare yourselves for this,

while I was searching for the news my finger froze on the shopping channel.

Yep, I watched those shopping channel t.v. women flaunt their beautiful hand model hands loaded with rings and bracelets and more rings and bracelets, and chat knowingly and covetously as they took out their rulers and measured their treasures right before our eyes.

It was the jewelry extravaganza experience of all jewelry extravaganza experiences,

and I couldn’t look away.

O.K. I could, but I’m embarrassed to tell you that I didn’t

I was scouting for new ideas and techniques.

Or so I’ll tell anyone who asks.

Anyhow, I can’t actually remember what I learned – except that I’d never make it as a hand model, or be able to sell a product that convincingly, but it did spur me back into the studio, if only to get away from the nice lady and her sales banter.

To shake the images of women hawking rings from my mind I decided to practice my sawing skills.


I had this great plan see.

I was going to cut out a design and then solder it onto another sheet of silver to give it depth.


I planned to use various thicknesses of silver and had a good idea of how all the pieces would fit together to make a beautiful pendent with depth and feeling.

But I kept forgetting the plan, and the sequence of the pieces kept getting muddled, and in the end I had to wing it more than I wanted to.

Those leaves are winged more than I wanted them to be.


Nice stone though.

And that cut out on the back ended up a good few millimeters the wrong side of perfect.

Don’t even mention the loop.


So what with that, and this,


Which I’m having trouble polishing.


I got out of bed this morning and shouted determinedly to P that I had given up making jewelry – again.

He called bull@##* which kind of irritated me as he knows me so well.

But there’s just too much going wrong right now.

Take this.


o.k. so don’t ask me why I bought it

Well it broke.

Not just the corner either, but right down the middle,

and so now it’s this.


See how I tried to give it that special rough/smooth design feature, and there are those leaves again that are more winged than they needed to be.

Don’t ask me about the curlywig either.

I even broke the top of the drop bead and had to rearrange its particles until it could be bezel set.


On the whole I know they didn’t come out too badly, but I get irritated with myself for being just a few steps too many away from getting it right first time.

Finishing the piece is my biggest problem. I’d like to take a class on cleaning and polishing. I get it almost right, but really would like to feel confident with what I’m doing.

I did make a ring though which I’m fairly happy with.

I usually shy away from making them as I’m not sure what size to make them, but yesterday I threw caution to the wind and made one to fit my hand, even though I will never wear it.



It’s a nice piece of turquoise.


And then I took a few old pieces and gave them a little more depth.

This one was very flat before.


And this one was horrible.


But now looks a lot better.


And lastly a painting, which I’m still working on.


I love the colours in this one.

On Saturday I met Penny of Penny’s Treasures.

It was kind of strange meeting someone who I’ve only ‘chatted’ with on this blog, but it was really nice to meet her and see her work at the craft fair she was attending.

Penny, I hope that you had a good day. The weather was perfect, I’d say, although I bet it was a bit chilly for us Houston folk in the morning.



About coldfeetstudio

I am English, but live in Houston, TX. I have a degree in Sculpture. I love to make art. I sell my art for charity as I believe there should be no reason for someone to go hungry in this world. I am a wife, mother, pottery maker, jewelry maker, quilt maker, painter, cat lover, and, dog liker. And I am very fortunate to be all these things. View all posts by coldfeetstudio

14 responses to “A remarkable thing happened earlier in the week.

  • Fresh Baked Designs

    My, you have been a busy girl…and I appreciate your honest narrative. Excited to be taking a metals class in January and you’ve encouraged me to try more than just stone setting, but experiment in creating a small, beautiful, embellished frame for the stone. Lovely front and back! Thanks.

  • Gale White

    I can’t wait to have a bad week like yours (except for jewelry shows on t.v.–I don’t ever want to see one of those). Your cut-out design is too beautiful to be hidden in back! I was just about to brave buying a saw, but after seeing that, I think I will just go back to pruning my garden.

  • Sally G

    You deserve that beautiful turquoise ring, Deborah. I think you should wear it, even if you have to go out and buy an outfit that goes with it.

    I couldn’t quite get the part about the leaves not being right. They look wonderful to me.

  • Paula

    Your jewelry always looks lovely and so detailed!! I love that ring–especially the scalloped part of the bezel. I have been going back and re-doing some pieces that I never really loved or that just seem so “last year”. I did 3 over the weekend that I’m happy with now (everything old is new again).

    • coldfeetstudio

      I know, I’ve enjoyed taking stones out and redoing pieces. I’m really enjoying perfecting my craft more than anything. It’s satisfying to see how much I’ve improved, and exciting to think of how much more I can learn.

  • pennystreasures

    I love the 3 pendants and I think your sawing is beautiful! I love to have hidden beauty on the backs of my work as well. Especially with a pendant, because then it can possibly be reversible and worn the other way!

    Thank you so much for coming out to the craft show on Saturday! It was so good to finally meet you! I enjoyed our chat. I see from a comment above that you would like to learn enameling. I’m sure you must have a kiln since you do ceramics, so you are pretty much ready to go for enameling as well! We should get together sometime for tea and talk about enameling. I can even show you the basics to get you started if you so desire!


    • coldfeetstudio

      Thanks Penny. The kilns I have are huge so the enameling I’ve done so far is with my torch which I’ve enjoyed. I’m just looking to get back to Arrowmont to be honest. I’d love to take any jewelry course there. Have you been? I am thinking of getting a small kiln pretty soon however, maybe for christmas, but first I’m going to try out my new graver :) Your red enamel leaf was beautiful :)

      • pennystreasures

        Thank you Deborah! I’ve never been to Arrowmont. Is that where your sculpture degree is from? I actually learned my metalsmithing skills here in Houston at HCC. They offer an art metals course that I have taken numerous times so I could keep learning and practicing. That’s where I learned enameling as well. There are also metals classes offered at Glassell but they are quite a bit more expensive.

        I’ve given torch firing a try but I use an acetylene torch and it doesn’t give a good result…it leaves the enamel looking dirty or sooty. So I’m actually about to buy a kiln myself so I can do more enameling because I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve never done engraving but I can’t wait to see what you produce with that tecnique!

      • coldfeetstudio

        No, I got my degree in England. Arrowmont is a great place to learn. Expensive though as you have to get there first, then there’s accommodation etc.,as well as the class fee. I went for a ceramic class and loved every minute. I’ve taken classes here in Houston also. I was thinking of taking a printmaking class at some time. I’ve just downloaded a resin tutorial. Not sure if I want to try that, but it was free from Art Jewelry Magazine so I thought I might check it out. At the show you was at there was a great filigree artist on the other side of the parking lot. Her work was beautiful. I’ll try to find her card and show you if you didn’t see her there.
        Here’s my first enamel attempt with my torch.

  • Patti Vanderbloemen

    Wow – there is not a piece on this page that I would not be proud to wear! As stated above, your attention to detail is amazing! I am awful with the jewelry saw, but I try to practice every week – it will be years before I get to the intricate work shown here – bravo!

    • coldfeetstudio

      No I don’t think so Patti. It’s like – can’t do it, can’t do it, can’t do it, oh, I can do it, sort of thing. Just last week I was all over the place then suddenly it’s like a light went on. Same happened pulling handles for my mugs :)

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