Me 2. Tiffany 1.3 recurring.

Let me present to you today the bezel from hell.


First I melted the collar right off its base.

(See yesterdays post)

Second, after I’d lovingly and painstakingly made Tiffany a new home her corner broke off and so, even though perhaps this was a tad childish, I stomped out of the studio and left her on the floor overnight in disgust.

At this point, let me tell you, I almost broke off our relationship.

 Third, after all I’d done for her. After making up and nursing her back to health, what happened? She wouldn’t lay flat in the bezel but showed off and rocked backward and forward like she was on a seesaw.

Not just a little, a lot.

And lastly, never one to walk away from a fight, I finally set her stone-like self, rather well I thought considering I had to grind flat the inside of the bezel forever, and would you believe it, the bottom jump ring fell off, even though I’d checked and double checked that it was secure before I put the stone it.

I almost threw the thing in the bin at this point.


The glutton for punishment I am, I took that darn stone out of the bezel and re soldered the jump ring onto it


then set the stone


Mwahahaha. Take that Tiffany baby.


Tiffany Stone and simulated Alexandrite.

I forgot to take a photo of the back because I hate it, but felt that as this was the reason I didn’t just start over in the first place that you should get a dark, shadowy, depths of hell, glimpse of it.


I believe that this was all Jane’s fault.


Here’s another one which I ended up fiddling with more than needed.


Ocean Jasper and Tiger Eye

It just wasn’t doing it for me so I took the stone out (I’m getting quite good at that now) and tried to give it a little more substance.


Ocean Jasper

Still not completely convinced about the back though.


It’s Friday people!

A good weekend to you all.


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