I just need a knock on the head is all…

Only that’s probably what happened in the first place.

I usually buy my silver in 6×6″ sheets. I buy one of 22 gauge, and one of 24 gauge.

Since I’ve been layering my bezel designs more I’ve noticed that I’ve only been using the 24 gauge as the layers add to the weight nicely and the 22 gauge seems a bit of overkill.

Last week I looked at my cabochon stash and thought that I may as well break down and buy some more silver as I was ordering wire anyway, but this time I would forgo the 22 gauge for a 6×12″ sheet of 24 gauge instead.

Sounds o.k. so far doesn’t it.


I received the package yesterday with TWELVE 6×1″ bars of silver.

All $165 worth. Staring up at me from its small, but heavy little, look at me and my slim self, package.

Now, let me ask you. What’s a girl to do with one inch strips of silver when it won’t cover half the back of most ALL of her cab designs!

I tried hard, I did, to make it Rio’s mistake, but wouldn’t you know it, it was my mistake.

Yep another one.

One of many that make up my life.

So now I suppose all that’s left is for me to do is to make cuffs.

I haven’t made many of them, but I’m sure twelve will fix that.

Should I start with copper is all that’s left to decide now, before I barge into the unknown depths of cuff making?


Where would be the fun in that.

My only comfort is that one strip cost only $12. Not a big comfort, but at least the disaster could have been worse.

I could have decided I needed 16 gauge.

Then I would have had to leave me.

Here are some things I’ve just made, one of which would have fitted on the 1″ sheet, but oh well, too late now.

This would have fit.

IMG_4337 - Version 2

coyamito agate Don’t ask, I’d never heard of it either.

O.K. so this one would just have fit also.


coral fossil

This wouldn’t have fit.

IMG_4396 - Version 2

coral fossil

But, ah, this one would have.



So maybe there’s hope after all.

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I am English, but live in Houston, TX. I have a degree in Sculpture. I love to make art. I sell my art for charity as I believe there should be no reason for someone to go hungry in this world. I am a wife, mother, pottery maker, jewelry maker, quilt maker, painter, cat lover, and, dog liker. And I am very fortunate to be all these things. View all posts by coldfeetstudio

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