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Sick and Sorrowful.

This is what happens when you’re sick.


But, because you still want to play you gouge yourself with one of these.


Things then go from bad to worse until you give it up and go lay down on the sofa to feel super sorry for yourself yet thankful you haven’t cut your fingers off completely.

After a week of putting up with the coughing and aching and nose blowing I eventually braved all the sick people at the doctor’s office and got myself some antibiotics. You know you can get really sick waiting in that waiting room.

Here are some things I attempted to work on in the meantime.




You know, all I can say about the painting is that I really enjoy it.

There’s nothing more redeeming in it than that. My hopes of becoming a good painter are fading fast and I’ll just have to give up hoping to become brilliant at it for Lent.

Oh. That’s passed hasn’t it? So O.K. next Lent.

And here is Spencer protecting the quilt table.


Just when I decide the quilt is back on I find the room filled with kids back home from college stuff. Including a queen sized mattress belonging to the kid that quit her job and decided to come home.

Man. Will I ever get rid of them!

So, mattress picked up and leant against the wall I buckle down to picking up my quilt from where I left off, but Spencer has other plans.

It’s one obstacle after another in this house.

Good job I love him.

So I’ve been sick and very homesick. Fairly depressed really. But deep down I know that if I just stopped thinking about what I don’t have I would be able to see what I do have, and start living my life here as if it were my home.

After all it has been twenty-four years now.


Maybe I should stamp this on my forehead.

Oh, I made $500 this week for Africa :) Now, that puts feeling sorry for myself into some perspective.

Happy Tuesday.


Some new work and a plan.

These are some things I’ve been working on.

I’m interested in developing my silver skills and making more of my doodles.


I like these earrings and think I’ll experiment more with them today.


Don’t ask about the dots.

For some reason this pendant reminds me of the circus.


Not sure about this necklace. I like it but I wonder if anyone else will.


And finally, back to some old basics.

I need to make some more earrings for the art fair this April.


I’ve found a neat accounting site called Wave and have started logging in some of my numbers.

I’ve only logged in my expenses so far which kind of looks bad especially as P the Wonder Boy believes I’m all expenses and no income.

I’m not so sure. Today I will put in the sales and that’ll show him!

Personally, I think I’ve broken near enough even to be quite proud of myself, especially in light of how many supplies I have.

Not a tremendous profit as of yet, but this will be my year, I can feel it in my bones.

Now, you may be wondering where the $10,000 has come from. Well, P just happens to be my matching gift programme (told you he was Wonder Boy). I make my jewelry, sell it and say, hey P, look how much I’ve sold, I’ll send this to Africa I think. And he says, but you haven’t really made any money yet. And I say, stop being so negative, it’s all a matter of perspective.


But, people, this year I’m all business. My next $10,000 is going to be allll profit. And I might even pay P back his matching gift. Although that would defeat the whole gift philosophy, wouldn’t it …

I’m feeling it’s a great time to start.

I reached my first goal while perfecting my skills, (no matter how I got it). I had a happy birthday to me yesterday with Indian food and champagne. And now I’ve got me a whole new grown up, you don’t really need to be an accountant, really you don’t, money tracking thing.

Writing my business plan, it seems I only have three goals.

1. To mak a profit.

2. To save the world.

3. To win the Nobel Peace Price.

It’s doable don’t you think?

It’s all upward from here people. Good things are going to happen.


Florence Nightingale and the fluoride thing.

I found Pickles.

Blending into her surroundings.

It’s obviously her turn in the orange chair.

I don’t have an orange chair. This one came home with one of the kids and, just to jar me out of my aesthetically calming environment, somehow made it downstairs to the living room. Still, if it helps Pickles blend …

You haven’t heard from me as I’ve gone into one of my hypochondria dips.

It could have been the fluoride thing. It doesn’t take much.

I haven’t exactly gone into a fetal position but now I have this weird feeling in my chest.

I just know it’s bad …

I feel doom lurking. All the things that I love to do are potential death traps.

When I talk to P about my worries that I’m dying, he just says, we’re all dying. That doesn’t help. When I talked to the doctor about my ominous chest feeling, he just says it’s a mini panic attack trying to get out. He could be wrong.

Florence Nightingale was a hypochondriac. Apparently she spent 50 odd years in bed thinking she was going to die at any minute. She lived to be 90.

Oh the irony …

I don’t want to be a Florence Nightingale, but it sure as hell is hard to get out of bed some mornings – especially if one of the only things that you want to get out of bed for is to go into the studio.

The Death Trap!

So, I’m just going to have a little pity party here. Better out than in – right.

And then I’m going to get up and pretend I’m not a hypochondriac.

It doesn’t work but I’m going to go with it anyway.

O.K. Pity Party Over …

 Now, I’m going to list this on Etsy, and post the pair of earrings I sold last night :)

I think I’m up to $300 now. Going for $500 before I send it off to charity.

Oh, and look what I found yesterday.

They sell for $5 and they say that every $5 spent goes to Africa – so I guess that means all of it :)

You can find them – HERE.

Great gifts for young people. Or even old people.

Maybe they’ve got one for hypochondriacs …

It’s going to be a good day :)

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