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The decluttering of a lifetime.

I’ve not been in the studio much this week.

Instead, I have touched everything in my bathroom and closet.

It was long overdue

If you remember I went to the assisted ministries to offer to volunteer – which led to a little melt down on my part.

Well after a couple of nights of lost of sleep, and an hour and half of therapy, you’ll be pleased to hear that I’m over it now.


I went on their tour and was really quite impressed with what they have to offer.

First up is the food bank, then the donation area and the resale shop. After that is the counseling room where people are assessed for the help they need and given vouchers for the food bank and the resale shop. Next is the job center, and finally the place where people can go to get help with taking their G.E.D., and help with their english.

The first stop on the tour was the donation area, and I have to say that I was immediately put off. Like, eww, put off. Enough to say that I almost had another melt down but thankfully managed to put it on hold while we continued on the tour.

The resale shop really surprised me however.

Everything was clean, and orderly, and very, very inexpensive, and what I liked most was that the clients that were issued with the vouchers, got the things that they needed free of charge. I always wondered about that at places like Goodwill, etc..

I’d already seen the area where the clients went for help when I accidentally went through the wrong door to sign up to volunteer, but I was surprised to find a job center in the next room. I asked about their success rate and was told that every person that went through their system ended up with a job. Maybe they would have said that anyway, but …

Anyway, I was quite impressed with how they were helping a person get on their feet in all aspects of their life, not just by giving out food etc, and you’ll be relieved to know that the potential melt down was almost gone by the time I got home, and instead I was galvanized into taking action.

Decluttering action.

I prefer to refer to myself as a collector of things rather than a hoarder, but whichever way you look at it I’ve always found the prospect of sorting out all of my stuff quite overwhelming.

But now, my new mission is to touch everything I own.


So I started with my closet and the bathroom.

I threw away anything with a hole or a stain (however small) because I decided if I wouldn’t wear it myself why should I expect others to wear it. I was pretty ruthless about keeping only those things that I knew I would wear, and I washed and folded all the other items and took them to the ministry.

After seeing the junk in the donating room I promised myself that I wouldn’t use the ministry, or Goodwill, ever again as a dump for anything I didn’t want. It had to be a good, solid item. The people in the ministry go through everything they get. They throw away every item that is not suitable and this is all picked up by a recycling unit which pays them for it. Probably not much, but hey.

They count every jigsaw piece, make sure all the toys are clean, and games complete. Check out that every electronic item works, every piece of furniture is clean, and everything else goes to recycling. So I wasn’t going to burden them with having to work that hard on my donations.

And it feels good.

My closet has never looked so organized and free of stuff that I know I’ll never use, even if it did still have the tag on it. Every toiletry item that I haven’t used, and won’t use, has now gone to a better place.

And man, it only took 3 bags of good clothing, 1 bag of shoes, 1/2 bag of handbags. 1 box of toiletries, 1 box of lightly used gift bags and wrapping paper, 3 suitcases we can’t use now because they’re not T.S.A. approved anymore, and 2 boxes of books which have been stored in my closet for over a year now because I didn’t know what to do with them.

Yes, we have a huge closet.

(I’m not going to tell you about the three bags of trash that also went out of the door as that would be a bit embarrassing.)

Now, I’m onto the bedroom and 4 boxes of books have already gone out the back door.

Now, although I prefer the assisted ministries shop I did have to give Goodwill two of the boxes as I didn’t think the ministry would want all of my, does god really exist, and psych books.

Better safe than sorry.

Wouldn’t want them to think I was one of those nasty atheist now would we ;)

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