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I’ve been boring myself again…

I’ve got no energy Ma…

And, to knock myself really into the what the hell zone I’ve just finished a necklace which is like,



Maybe it’s just me.

I’ll be back when I’ve figured out how to not bore myself.

It’s been ten days, but

As Thumper would say.


Not that I have anything not nice to say, but rather, I have nothing to say at all.

I know! Hard to believe, right?

I’ve decided that if I’m boring myself I’ll probably be boring you also, so

I ain’t got nuttin’ going on right now except the same ol’, same ol’.

Yes, Scotland is safely back in the arms of the U.K. and our flag is safe once more, but all I’ve been up to is sorting out my studio.

So once that’s over I’ll get back to you with something yum to make.

’till then.

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