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If you can remember, way, way back, before yesterday

I was getting ready to make this.

Willow Jasper

Poor photo 

Then my family came.

And went.


I really liked the lightness of this design, but for some reason, which I can’t remember now, I went a different way with it.

Now it’s heavy and Victorian looking and only people who like heavy Victorian looking things will perhaps buy it – which leaves out most of the population.

Is this self sabotage I wonder.

To make jewelry which is not to the taste of the majority of people.

Or is it a genius scheme to save me from ever parting with my beauties.

We may never know…

So this stone, which is beautiful by the way and now happens to be one of my new favourites, had to be pried from its setting twice because one of the balls kept falling off.

We won’t mention names.


Carrasite Jasper

I hate it when this happens and for it to happen twice, each time after I had cleaned it, blackened it, polished it and smiled with satisfaction at it, just sent me right over the edge.

The best way I’ve found to pry a stone from its setting once you’ve pushed the whole bezel collar over and sat back thinking it’s done by golly, is by using a scalpel.

I used to use one of these double ended pottery tools


Because I’ve got loads of them hanging around.

But even though they look thin, the knife-edge is actually a little too thick and it’s also easy to bend.

So, after much deliberation, like a nano seconds worth, I went to the scalpel.


Which seems more dangerous, and it is, but sometimes we have to blow caution to the wind and just get down to business.

Just gently slide the blade down in-between the bezel collar and the stone and wiggle it slightly until a small opening occurs, then slowly move it around the stone. Sometimes you can’t slide it and have to push it down again to make another opening.

The key is to do this slowly and to not push the collar too far out from the stone all at once. It’s best to do it in little movements as you work your way around the stone.

If you try to move it all at once the collar will get marks and crinkles in it so you want to do the least damage to the collar as possible.

Otherwise you may as well throw it in the bin and start over.

The tip of my scalpel blade snapped off which makes it easier to use. In fact you might want to take a small section of the point off to begin with so that you don’t have it fly into your eye when it decides to do it for itself as that wouldn’t be good.

Needless to say, always use your safety glasses as well as crossing your fingers.

So, there you have it.

I sincerely hope that you won’t ever have to take your stones out because your balls fall off, but if you do, know that there is hope.

A Cautionary Tale…

So short story long, I had surgery on Tuesday.

Just a small one concerning those parts of the body that an old grandma might refer to as the ‘unmentionable’ bits.

It was nothing EXCEPT that I had to sign my life away, have HALF the blood drained out of me, have an EKG AND a chest x-ray, AND was asked if I have a living will and, just to make me feel really good, would I like to have the chaplain visit me…

These people obviously didn’t know I’m a hypochondriac.

On top of that I had the added pleasure of paying thousands of dollars for the privilege.

We’re lucky to have care when we need it, but how on earth do people manage if they haven’t got thousands.

All the people in the hospital, except the mean looking desk lady who didn’t know how to smile, were really nice.

Not that I felt like hanging around or anything,

but really nice.

I got to wear the long white victorian tights, the puffy purple gown with the vacuum pipe attachment, and that nice deli counter cap.

Why can’t they just put that thing on you when you’re not looking? I mean, they do everything else while you’re sleeping…

I didn’t want to go and don’t mind telling you that I felt very sorry for myself.

I had to toss up between going in to hospital for a couple of hours with living in one of George Martin’s books or turning myself in for a fifteen month prison sentence – voluntarily.

We’ve just started to watch Orange is the New Black. Not sure that I like it, but it certainly came in handy for weighing up my options.

As for George Martin. What the hell’s going on in The Game of Thrones anyway.

All you get is the boy who can’t walk being dragged around in his little caddie chair and dreaming about crows and doing his eye rolling thing. I don’t know where he thinks he’s going. I don’t think he knows either. The tall soldier lady dragging around her one handed captive. Stark’s ward sniveling like a little boy in the corner and not doing anything to help out anyone. O.K. so I know he was tortured, but get a grip man! The oldest daughter just sulks around in fine dresses. The youngest daughter stabs anyone she can get her hands on with her little sword and looks like she smells bad. And dragon lady just wanders around messing in other people’s affairs and generally not really doing much but looking pretty. John Snow just is, and the poor half crusty girl has to sit in her little dungeon room all day reading books.

I only like the dwarf.

Now we have to wait until we get to watch season 6 and I will have forgotten everything that happened and why it happened so none of this will matter anyway.

But with all these options available to me surgery was the least worrying.

Except it messed with my brain man…

And when my brain gets messed with it thinks that this



Is the same size as this.



But it’s not.


And now you have enough big beautiful blue/green rock to make more cabochons than you can count on two hands, which is roughly about one hand too many.

But, I did get a gift.


rose quartz

Because the nice rock man probably knew my brain was a mess.

IMG_6313Oh well.

Could have been worse.

It has got to the point where I daren’t let P into the studio anymore.

If he knew the extent of my (let’s call it) habit I might end up needing surgery on more than my unmentionables.

In other news:

Spud is a nightmare and likes to use Pickles as a spring board to elevate herself to higher levels. Fortunately Pickles is so fat that she doesn’t even know this is happening.

The 100 day project stopped for a couple of days because of Tuesday and the whole brain short circuiting thing, but should be up and running again soon.

I dropped my laptop (again) and now it likes to do its own thing even though I press all of its buttons.

Probably because I press all of its buttons.

And I’ve made a few pieces of jewelry including this


Pickhandle Turquoise

And these.


Flower Jasper

And I’m just now starting another pendant with one of my new favourite stones.

Willow Jasper

Carrasite Jasper

That’s if I manage to get off the sofa today.


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