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The news…

Not a lot going on over here.

We had Thanksgiving of course which, even after twenty-five years of living in the U.S. still doesn’t feel like a holiday for me. But, I do feel more festive now that it’s over so I think it really has become a marker for me to let the games begin.

I almost want to say that I feel more excited about Christmas this year than I did when all the kids were living here, but it sounds kind of wrong.

Don’t ask me what’s going on there.

I think it might be to do with appreciating everything more.

I’ve even got all of the gifts under control which is really weird.

I have to say that I’m just feeling, well – good.

EVEN though I’ve just been told by the nice doctor that I have osteoarthritis which really hurts everything including my elbows and kneecaps, AND I have Achille’s tendonitis, which I’ve had for years and years and years, but over the past year or so has gradually gotten to the point where it’s becoming hard to walk without having to mutter, ouchy, ouchy, ouchy, under my breath while hobbling around like a little old hobbly lady.

I’m really not that old.

I thought 53 was the new 40! Someone obviously forgot to tell the joint god.

So much for running the Boston marathon next year. Good job it was only in. my. dreams…

Talking of which,

I wrote a fantastic poem in my dream this morning.

It was wonderful.

My play of words surprised even me with their depth of meaning and their beautiful cadence.

I just knew that it was going to be the beginning of my brilliant, unexpected yet undeniable, new poet laureate career.

But I forgot it.


Just when I thought I had it made.

Not a lot going on in the studio right now.

That’s not so bad as I feel I should spend some time in the house. P’s mum is coming next week for Christmas so I think I’m trying to tone myself down for some family time.

I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve made my $25,000 so I’m going to let myself off the hook for a while.

Next year.

$30,000 and onward.

It’s good to have a goal.


Some newbies.


Coral Fossil



And a couple of old ones which I still really like.


Copper and Silver


Copper and Silver

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