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Fright night at the circus.

Here are two of the collages I made while I was away.

Pretty weird but … well you decide.

The extraordinary Crab Man.


And the, how you doin’?, tribal guy.


And yesterday I started another painting.


But of course, as I’ve not been in the studio for three weeks I’ve decided once again to quit painting as I don’t know what I’m doing with it all.

Man it’s frustrating.

Inside my head it’s a nightmare of indecision and doubt. It’s a wonder I function at all.

Thankfully, as I get older my short time memory has decided to call it quits and start working on half speed so I forget to give up on things almost as soon as I decide to.

It’s all good in the end.


Baby steps.

Today I am going to work on this,

and this,

I’m going to try to keep with the acrylics on the first one. The bottom one, because I’ve already started over the acrylics with oil pastel, I’ll finish with the pastels.

If I can follow through (always my problem) with the acrylics I think I will prefer the top painting to the bottom one. The oil pastels seem less spontaneous to me although I love the richness of the colours. (You can’t tell here as the photograph is bad).

I applied to the art festival I do each year. This time I applied to take some paintings as well as my jewelry. I’m just not sure though. I’m always saying that maybe next year I’ll be ready. Ready to display my jewelry in a more professional manner. Ready to sell my jewelry as a proper business. Ready to make a real effort at painting, etc., etc. But next year is always the same as this year. This is why I’ve applied for painting also.

I don’t think my paintings are very good. I’d like to work on them to a point where I feel comfortable trying to sell them but confidence always gets in the way of me even trying (hence the worry wart). This blog has helped me though. I am putting them out there, warts and all (no offense to my wart) and it’s becoming easier to get over myself.

Now, finally, I have sent off some photo’s to the art festival people – even though I have none finished.

(Where’s that darn worry wart when you need him!).

Baby steps people :)

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