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Why I should never leave the house.

I had a little problem over the weekend.

It was called the Houston Gem and Jewelry Show, and it has a lot to answer for.

I’m still in shock, and will have to take a day or two to recover, so I’m not going to talk about that now.

Stay tune to see if I survived the terror of the shop till you drop incident.

In other news.

I made another encaustic.


I’m getting more used to it now.

Don’t you think that looks like a Jet Jetson t.v.? I’ve never seen that show, but I’ve seen pictures.



And I made a finger painting.


Because brushes are too over rated.

I finished a piece of jewelry.


Turquoise, Tourmaline, and Ruby.

Remember when it was like this.


And this.


And finally, I wanted to share with you a favourite painting that always makes me stop a moment to feel good.


It’s the colours that get me, and the hill.

I just really like Dora Carrington’s work.


I also unloaded the kiln so more to come

dah, dah, dah, dahhhhhh!

(O.K. so that doesn’t make sense unless you pretend we’re in a suspense movie.

And then it still doesn’t make sense … )


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