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I went to bed last night watching you tube videos on ancient jewelry making techniques.

Now I might just have to give the filigree another bash.

Remember this.


Well I hated it so I remade it into this.


And so that was that.

It was hardly filigree, but one of my first ventures into soldered curly things and I thought I’d never want to go back, but some of that old filigree work is spectacular.

We’ll see what happens today.

It might be filigree, it might not, but getting out there into the studio will definitely be the first step.

You might notice that I’m a late starter.

For those of you too excited to wait any longer, here are the earrings.


I’ve got an art fair coming up and need to make a lot more smaller items.

The hungry can’t wait for me to sell a $200 necklace, however much fun I’m having.

I’m thinking of sending my next $1000 to Save the Children. I was reading this morning about the children orphaned by Ebola. They are being shunned because of the fear that they might give caretakers the virus. Some of the children are just toddlers. I can’t imagine the abandonment.

From the BBC news – HERE.

I think I’m going to have to listen to music in the studio today.

So, in other news…

As you know I’ve been volunteering at the assisted ministry and am sad to report that I have hated it so far.

I’ve been so bored I decided that even doing housework here at home would be more thrilling.

Yesterday was my fourth day and up to now I’ve been trained to answer the phones, although so far I’m not allowed to touch them which kind of disappoints me in a, good grief how hard can it be, way.

After telling them that I could hardly stand the excitement of waiting every half hour for someone to call and then not answer the phone I was banished to a back room to sort all of the socks into three pairs. I had to put an elastic band around each trio which was fairly exciting and I also had to sort the underwear into size and gender.

This could have been o.k. except I was all by myself and it was hot and stuffy back there. I did feel somewhat proud of the trust bestowed on me when I was also given the task of taking all of the outdated juice boxes out of the little zip lock cold and flu bags that had been made up for those who needed them.

Yet yesterday I could hardly stand to go back.

But, as luck would have it, they must have felt my despair and put me in one of the sorting rooms and I got to price fabric and fold tablecloths. Now, this doesn’t sound thrilling I know, but I got to sit with three really nice ladies, and we laughed a lot, and as that’s my favourite thing to do I was quite happy and think I might actually enjoy going back next week.

I did have to come home and have a little lie down afterwards though.

Sorting fabric is shattering.

So, it’s back into the studio for me today.

Don’t worry about me though. I still laugh, and I get to talk to the dog, and make fun of the weather man when he comes on and starts his news with the same little guttural sound each time. AND I’m still practicing for the X Factor auditions, although I think I might have missed the cut off for this year.

Darn it.

Oh well there’s always next year.

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