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Working on another one.


I am getting closer to finishing one. Really I am.

Right now I’m concentrating on putting chains on my pendants, but deciding on the length of chain causes me anxiety.

Maybe that’s why I’ve gone into a decline.

Too much worry.

So I leave it, and now I have five hundred and sixty three thousand necklaces to finish before the art festival in May.

I wanted to take some of my paintings to the show as well, but that’s giving me anxiety also.

I suppose you could say that I’m a bit of an anxious person really.

Not sure though.

A sad day for the studio.

I’m liking it a little more after I cleaned it up yesterday.


And here’s something I worked on earlier in the week.


This one’s huge. A little different for me.

Both are on Etsy now.

So, what to do today?

Unfortunately I’m torn between cleaning and making. I hate decisions like this. Invariably the cleaning doesn’t win, but I think the house is getting a bit desperate now.

Oh misery, and sadness. It’s out with the duster I suppose :(

I’ll be O.K. I’ll be O.K. I’ll be O.K. ….

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