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Happy Monday.

The art festival on Saturday was a little slower than usual, but it was a really nice day. A little too windy for the paintings I took which kept falling off the panels I’d set up, and so eventually I took them down.


I did sell one of them.

A first!

And it was the freaky one!


This lady also bought one of my favourite necklaces.


So thank you to her :)

All told I made just shy of $900 which is a little lower than usual but still nothing to sneeze at.

The day before I sold another $100, so I have a thousand to send off this week.

If anyone reading this came to Market Street in The Woodlands on Saturday.

Thank you!

I have to mention that we met many nice people including one lady who had bought from me on Etsy which I thought was really neat.

And finally.

To any of you who might have been worrying about my painting phobia.

I actually finished one without fretting!



So today I’m going out there to start another :)

Happy Monday!

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