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Just a tidbit or two.

New paintings.


Started daily.


But never finished.

Bane of my life …

It’s Friday people :)

Find out what the caveman’s up to



Mostly dead.

Well it’s Friday.

Damn if this doesn’t happen every week!

I like Fridays but they’re coming around too quickly for my liking. I start on Monday thinking its a new life, a new start, a new, bright, wonderful opportunity to rock the world, lose weight and make beautiful, interesting, different art, and then before you know it its Friday and I’m left wondering what the h*ll happened? Where did all my new opportunities go?

They went to next Monday, that’s where they went. And that ain’t getting to be so cool anymore. Before I know it the only new opportunity I’ll be getting is what it feels like to be old, grey(er), and practically dead.

That makes me think of Billy Crystal.

(Just love the way the mind works. Keeps me smiling that’s for sure).

If you haven’t seen, The Princess Bride, you should. It will restore your Friday’s lost opportunity mood into a, I think I’m going to smile forever, mood. That’s unless you’re all dead of course, in which case there’s not a lot to be done about it.

I don’t know about you but I’m feel better already.

I think I’m going to get out there and rock the world today,

Friday or not …

Friday. Again.

Do you think Spencer One Eye could be more comfortable?

I can’t make the bed until he gets up.

O.K. that’s not true. I probably wont make the bed anyway.

Soooooo, it’s Friday. Again. I’m not up either – only because I don’t want Spencer to feel the odd man out. I’m a good pet parent like that. Always aware of their psychological health.

I have a bit of a headache and I’m still tired from P waking up at 4:30 to go fishing. You couldn’t get me up at that time of day to meet the Queen. She’d have to wait – at least until after I’d had my first cuppa of the day. Also, Spencer has rearranged himself closer and is purring loudly, a cosy feeling not to be taken lightly – I have to soak up the love else it be wasted.

To be honest, I spend a fair bit of time in bed in the morning. I generally wake up at 7 ish. (Recently more like 6 ish, which is a bit of a bummer but what can you do). I try to go back to sleep, but eventually realise that my brain has started to work overtime on all the things it wants to do. I try to ignore it and pretend I’m asleep, but eventually have to give in to the fact that that’s it for me, even if I am tired – which seems like always.

 I really need to stop playing wordfued until midnight.

But then I drink the cup of tea that P has made for me, I love him for making my tea, and check my e mails, which are all junk mail!

How is it that I’m getting mail from the scooter store?

At first I thought it was a real scooter, you know like vespa scooters, and mods and rockers and quadrophenia, and all that.

From Jolly Edition – HERE.

and I thought, ahh, they must know me.

Then, when I clicked, I found out it was this scooter. (I can’t even post a picture of it, it’s too disturbing).

And I thought, what the #&*%@$! only I used real letters (in my mind) and felt really old and that maybe I would stay in bed for the rest of the day.

A helpful tip here – don’t click.

After the e mails I either surf for a while, or read, or make notes, or just continue thinking until I’ve sorted out the whole universe thing and am ready to start the day. Sometimes I might write a rambling blog post on anything that comes to mind, or a paragraph of a new book I’m thinking of writing, or sometimes I just dwell, in that droopy way I’ve talked about before, on things that are usually not worth dwelling about.

Today is a bit of all of them. But now, I’m ready for the day to begin and I’m thinking I might do some of this

But, yesterday I made this,

which I’m kind of loving …

so I might have to touch these instead.

From Silurian Era
click photo

I also bought a new rivet making tool which, as an aside, reminds me of my dad as it smells of grease. My dad was a mechanic and it’s a smell I like – strange but true.

From Forgeron on Etsy
click photo

So, I might end up making rivets instead.

What ever it ends up being I’ll not know until I get out of bed.

So, Happy Friday you people out there. It’s time to rock the world.

It’s going to be a Friday sort of day …

I love Fridays, even though it’s not the end of a work week for me.

You just get that feeling of,

don’t you.

Spencer’s had a hard day already, and it’s only 11:15.

It took him a while to get out of bed,

but once he did, he managed it to make it to the couch o.k.

He’s had a hard life … sometimes I wonder how he copes.

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