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Warning. Things are getting bad. Please send chocolate…

I’ve almost completely had it now with the boredom, the bathroom, and the custom order, but at least I don’t have to worry about the cactus garden for a while now as we had 162 billion gallons of water fall here last week.


I can’t even count that high.

P still went into work though because he’s very brave.

And stubborn.

It’s hard for me to imagine, but over 20 people lost their lives.

Now I’ve just depressed myself.

Which is all I need as I’m already depressed, and bored, even though it’s Saturday, and I like Saturdays – apart from the cleaning the bathroom part of it.

I should pick a new bathroom day.

I hate the bathroom.

Every day I have to get up and go in there.

I’m so over showering. You’ve got to get wet, get dry, find clothes…

It’s all boring.

Then you have to do it all over again the next day.

and the next…

Probably should have just stood outside with some soap during the thunderstorms instead.

So. On to the custom order.

I’m struggling.

I just can’t seem to get it right. The piece I’m making just feels too thin and blah and I’ve finally figured out that I’m trying so hard to make it just right for her, that I’m forgetting to go with my instincts.

As you know she likes this.


And so I made this


And this


And then I made this


Which, to be honest, I really don’t like that much, although I did cut the stone myself.

Pretty pleased with that :)

Anyway she sent me the stone she wants in it and I’m in the process of making another, but as I said, I’m just not feeling it.

So today, I’ve decided that I’m just going to go out there and stop being so precious with it and try to give it back some feeling.

I’m not upset at making the piece at all, but am very interested in how doing things for other people makes me so unsure of myself.

I’m definitely getting better at it, but it’s quite hard for me.

Of course it might not have anything to do with the custom order at all, but that I’m just in the lower part of my circle. The part where everything goes wrong and you begin to wonder whether you should just become a lollypop lady instead of fiddling around trying to make jewelry all day.


But I’m just not sure that the outfit would look as good on me.

Here’s another piece that went so wrong that I had to take it in a completely different direction from the original design.





And so what have I learned from all of this you may be wondering?

Not to try so hard and to loosen up a bit.

Otherwise just order the yellow coat already and stop moaning.

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