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And the winner is…

O.k so it’s not a winner exactly, but I felt that since we had talked about the chain I’m still impressed with myself for making, that it’s something of a big reveal to show you what I did with it.

And so, without further ado,

Open the curtains please…


The Bracelet.

Dah daaah.



Bit of a let down really.

Made myself chuckle though.


Just because I like you, here’s a new link.

Take a manageable length of 16 gauge sterling silver wire and hammer it flat and file the end.


Now make a small curve with your round nose pliers at the flattened end.


Still using your round nose pliers shape the wire into a link so that the small curve is on the inside.

As you close up the link push the wire past the end it’s to be soldered to so that when you wiggle it back into place the ends of the wire will be touching.

Annoying I know, but the two ends have to touch to solder.


As you form the link match it to a master link.


This way you’ll always be checking it against the same size and it will be easier to keep them consistent.


Now cut the link from the remaining wire


And make it a couple of friends.


When you have as many as you need pick solder the ends together.


With just the tiniest pieces of solder.


Now trim them and file the ends smooth.


And join them together with a soldered jump ring.


Then you can go to town with making another bracelet.


Because you’re on a roll.


Sorry that a few of the photo’s are bad quality, but you get the drift.

I have a new link, and I’m not afraid to use it.

Start by cutting the wire. This time I used 18 gauge sterling silver which I cut into 1″ strips. This makes a small link just under half an inch long. I did want a chunkier feel but I’ve run out of 16 gauge wire, and 14 seemed too thick. I’m still bummed out that they don’t have 17 or 15 gauge at Rio, they obviously don’t know that I need wire in every size.

Hammer the ends of the wire slightly,

and sand them.

As 18 gauge wire is fairly thin I used this nail file,

which I stole from my daughter. It works perfectly for small jobs, especially sanding the ends of ear wires. I have noticed, however, that the black ordinary ones seem better than these decorative ones. I know, weird, right.

O.K. now follow closely.

With round nose pliers or your super cool multi whatever pliers turn the end of the wire as in the photo.

Now bend the wire in the opposite direction using a slightly larger part of the pliers.

Now do the same at the other end.

Notice that the curve at the new end looks as though I’ve done it the wrong way round. Don’t be fooled.

Now complete the next curve, as you did the second at the other end, to make the link.


I’ll draw a picture.

 Rest assured, once you’ve done the first one, or three as in my case, it gets easier.

You might find that the link has bent out of shape somewhat depending on how well you managed to push the wire over the pliers with your fingers hurting so much, (there’s just something about bending those hard little pieces of wire that does a girls hands in), but, you can take your flat nose pliers and easily straighten the link up.

Now gently squash the middle part together with your round nose pliers.

and use that special little trick to bring the link together more if the ends don’t completely touch the middle.

Now make it a friend.

I joined my links together with a small jump ring

 but you could also join the two together before closing the link.

Then I hung aquamarine beads from it and made it into a bracelet.


Before you get excited,

here’s the thing.

This chain is really nice but I had to do a lot of sanding to shave down some of those curved ends.

See them?

As I ran my finger over it I could tell that without eliminating some of the end curves the chain would constantly catch on your clothing and it would be really annoying.  It took me a long while to get the chain to the point where I was satisfied that it wouldn’t catch. As a consequence this bracelet is 5 billion dollars and cheap at half the price. (Does anyone even know what that means … )

As well as sanding I used my flat nose pliers to push the end flatter to the middle part of the link and that seemed to work quite well. I was thinking of balling up the ends of the wire next time to see how that turns out but I’m not sure if I’ll like it as much.

Stay tuned, I can feel in my bones that there’s more link excitement to come.

Here’s B beginning her second day at work.

And no, her desk is not in the toilet. At least I don’t think so …

Links, murder and Atticus Finch.

Lots happening with the links.

As you can see I’ve made quite a few of them.

If you remember, this was the first piece I made with them.

And the second.

Then I got a bit carried away.

I even made a little something to go with them – just because.

Other jewelry news is that I’ve finally started to pay attention to pricing my work properly.

Thanks to Danielle who is also a jewelry maker and who has helped me begin to see the error of my ways, I have begun to work with a pricing formula. I have to say that this hasn’t been easy for me. Yep, the whole self esteem, lack of confidence, stuff comes back to bite me each and every time, but, and this is an important but, I am getting better at it. The more I work on perfecting my craft and the more I realize that what I want to do with the money I make from it is very important to me, the easier it’s becoming to take myself more seriously. Man, and it only took me fifty years!

Thank you Danielle for your nudge.

In between making the links I finally finished listening to, To Kill a Mockingbird. When I make jewelry I can only listen to audio books with earphones if they’re on my i pod. To Kill a Mocking bird is on c.d. and as I hammer a lot and plug my ears with the christmas gift, I miss a lot of the narrative so this time I could only listen when I was painting.

You wont be surprised to hear that it was as brilliant to listen to as it was to read. Sissy Spacek was the narrator. My favourite part each time is the part where Scout, Jem and Dill go to the court house when Atticus is sitting guard outside. Very powerful. Now I’m back to the murder mysteries, (don’t ask me why, maybe my therapist can enlighten me). Inspector Linley this time. I’ve seen this on the t.v. and have to say that I don’t really care for the actors in it, particularly the sullen side kick. But, she’s exactly like that in the book so who am I to criticize. The audiobook is just o.k. it hasn’t really grabbed me yet, although, again with the female impersonation. Why? is all I have to say. Why does the very nice male listening voice, have to try to play the woman as a woman? It never works. The women always come over as weak, pathetic, whiney, girly, silly people – and not in a good way. Just read me the story will you. I can imagine the rest.

Not that it upsets me or anything …

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