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Well, they’ve gone :(

And all that’s left is me.

O.K. me and those other people that live in this house with me.

But I still feel left behind.

I’m either leaving or being left, and that’s not cool.


Enough feeling sorry for myself, and onwards people.

Onwards and Upwards.

We had a great time. We went back to Rockport TX for a week of fishing, otherwise known as P, dad, and S going out each day and telling tall tales when they got home of all the fish they caught, but which were too small to bring home.


I didn’t see one pterodactyl, although my sister insisted they were still there.


Pterodactyl – credit: Nobu Tamura

Laying in wait.

scary pelicans bird things

Scary pelicans bird things

We did see the seagulls, but nowhere near as many as the thousands that swarmed us last year.

But then K did forbid me from throwing bread at them.

She’s no fun in that respect.

We ate, we read, I made some art. We suffered the a/c packing up on day three of our stay, but as it was only 95 degrees outside we only withered away a little bit. It was soon fixed though, and I have to say that the canal house we stayed in was really, really nice, so no worries there.

We drank a lot of tea, and K had her milky coffee every day so all was good.

Apart from that we just had a lazy time really although K, on her last day, as we were waiting for the time we had to leave for the airport, did inform me that she would have liked to have visited NASA.

Good grief girl, could you not have mentioned that at the beginning of your stay!

As the NASA place here in Houston is extremely boring in my opinion, I didn’t really care, but it would have been nice to have taken her.

Oh well K, you’ll just have to come back now won’t you …

So, all I have now is my studio, which will take me a while to get used to going into again.

Me, my studio, and I.

But don’t feel too sorry for me my cyberspace friends. Just because my family has left me here in foreign lands (again), alone to fend for myself among the strange native people, I will be o.k.


Most likely.


I’ve been away.

And it’s been great.

Refreshed, revamped, and re everything else that I can’t think of right now.

O.K. perhaps not exactly revamped, but I’m working on it. I’ve been thinking of going caveman again, except this time with a tiny amendment.

Only a tiny one though.


Otherwise everything goes to pot and I’m not a happy camper.

Except I can’t start thinking about healthy eating until my sister goes home, because it’s fun to eat bad stuff with company, and today is P’s birthday and champagne and pizza just don’t go well with paleo.


My dad’s been here. He’s gone now which is a bit of a shame. My sister’s still here, she’s with us for a couple more days, and we just got back from Rockport, TX, which is not my favourite place in the world, (sorry Rockport), but it was quiet, it was cooler than Houston (by like a degree, but who’s complaining), and most important, it was completely relaxing.

Except for the swooping pterodactyls.


which were a bit freaky.

And don’t think those sweet little seagulls are as innocent as they look.

We threw some bread at them one afternoon and it was like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

We were lucky to escape with out lives.


NEVER look them in the eye.

I’ve not been in the studio since my family has been here so I’ve been quilting a piece that I’ve had hanging around for years, and aside from sweating to death under a heavy blanket in 90 degree weather, I’ve really enjoyed it. Except now I have a quilting injury, which might not look so bad to the uninitiated, but when you poke the eye end of a rather large sewing needle into the middle finger of your right hand, it really, really hurts and you get blood all over the quilt and you’ll probably end up getting a poison puss pocket on the end of your finger if you’re not careful and clean it properly (guilty) and so you have to screw your eyes up in pain and get really irritated that you’ve only got a scrappy old thimble that doesn’t work and that the shops are shut because it 9 o’clock at night so you can’t go out to buy a new one and now you have to soldier through the pain because you don’t want to stop quilting.

Why is my life so hard!

Anyway it’s almost finished it now and soon I can get back to the jewelry injuries which are far more impressive and tend to get a little more attention from the fam.

And I’m all for attention …


Happy Monday.


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