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Complete overload.

It seems that I can’t handle too much internet at one time.

Something had to give.

Either that, or I’ve hit my boring stage.

Whichever it is I’ve got nuttin’ except a few pieces of jewelry to share and I’m even beginning to bore myself doing that.

Hang on, let me think…

Nope, still nuttin’.

Oh well, here’s the latest.


Ocean Jasper



More Ocean Jasper



Labradorite and that strange Acai seed thing.



And the ever faithful Turquoise.

Something’s up.

Every day I wake up excited to go into the studio, and then I can’t be bothered


I think it’s a phase.

Perhaps it’s because I just had a birthday.


Man they’re coming fast. And don’t get me started on Science Friday. I like listening to NPR as much as the next person, but every time I turn around it’s Sci Fri on the radio and another week has simply poofed into extinction.

I’m beginning to dread it.

It’s like I can’t keep up any more.

On top of that it seems that the Flourish and Thrive course has finally bored me to death, I’ve yet to even look at the last week.

I’m all flourished out.

So, that’s it I’m afraid. I’m off now to plod through today which will soon be tomorrow, and then Ira Flatow will be on – again – telling me about birds drinking deer tears or something equally fascinating but with the terrible finality of life floating away into a sea of intriguing information.

Drowning in ….

Too much?

So. All that’s left to say is that I will see you on the other side of the boring place my friends…

May the force be with you.

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