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Nuttin’ but worry and indecision…

While I’ve been away, recuperating from the trauma of losing one of my most beloved teeth, I’ve been working on a couple of custom orders.

(Actually, there wasn’t much recuperating going on, I was just boring myself silly with all the drivel I’ve been writing lately…)

I’ve never really felt that comfortable trying to make something for someone else and prefer to just stick to whatever comes out of the studio whenever it feel like happening, but I decided to live on the edge for a while.

I only have two custom orders, but wanted to give the buyers a couple of choices as I really can’t cope with the idea that I’ve got it wrong.

I’m sure that will get easier if I do more customized pieces.

Here they are.

For one lady who wanted a piece using Gaspeite.

I made this, which you’ve already seen.


Gaspeite and Turquoise

And this,


Gaspeite and Opal

Which is the piece she went with.

Then, for another lady, I made this


Variscite and Chrysoprase

And this,


Candelaria Turquoise and Garnet

But am still working on something for her as they weren’t quite what she wanted.

She likes this



So perhaps I should just go with it instead of trying to make something similar, but different.

I’ve enjoyed making each one of them.

In the meantime I’ve decided that I definitely have a problem with cabochon hoarding.

When I opened one of the little drawers I have which holds them there in all their glory, the whole little chest almost toppled over because of the weight of the stones in it.

It was a bit of a wake up call really.

I’m like that with books.

Finish reading the ones you have before you buy another already!

Now I sound like my mum…

So I might have a little stone setting marathon. Although that will more than likely take me well into next year I’m sure I’ll be able to come up for air at some point along the way.

Maybe to eat perhaps.

I don’t know.

Who of you offer to make custom orders for people with stones you already have which they can choose from?

Is it really that worrying, or am I just a scaredy cat?

Off to make something new.


As if the funk wasn’t enough

I’ve now hurt my back!

Maybe it’s due to too much sitting at the jewelry table.

Here’s an update.


The bezel is still a little off, (well o.k., a lot off), and I’m not sure I’ve got that much wiggle room to straighten it.

I’m going to try though as it will bother me the whole time if I don’t.

I’m thinking of compensating for the slant of the stone by shortening the left hand link at the top. Actually that piece of wire should have been longer and wrapped a little more around the top.

Oh well.

I’m alternating this piece with a new one.


I’ve just finished the bezel setting, but forgot to photograph it.

This is a nice little piece of Mexican turquoise, and that little black dot next to it is a watermelon tourmaline. All that’s left to make is the large leaf and the dangly bits.

I will leave you with the new addition to the family.



Don’t talk to me about it.

The boy brought it home from college, and however pretty its colouring, and however cute its little chirping sound is,


S named it Guinness. I call it The Beast.

Don’t look at it.

And finally, a photo of my bench when I left it last night.


Not too bad, (you can just see the setting for the turquoise in the lower left corner), but I won’t win any awards for most tidy worker.

Off to work on the bezel.

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