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What’s that you say?

A noise coming from the washing machine?

Well yes, but it was a different kind of noise this time. Not the bumpity bump noise that comes from an uneven load. Similar, yet quieter.

More scratchier.

From my seat in the living room my first thought was that one of the animals was dying.

I could see all but Wally so he was obviously in the washing machine desperately scratching away at the sides of the drum as he entered the final spin cycle. It did smack me as slightly odd that he hadn’t attempted to escape before the spin, but probably the suds had muddled his senses.

I found him in the hallway lounging in the sun patch.

So I stood by the laundry room door and strained to listen. Senses on high alert. But nothing.

So I ignored it.

This morning I found the necklace I made last week.

Newly washed.

I hadn’t liked it and it had stayed in my pocket as I wondered what to do with it.

It is nice and sparkly now albeit missing one half of its chain.


So if any of you are wondering if you can wash your turquoise on the normal setting.

Yes you can, just be sure to put it in a little baggy first so that the chain doesn’t disappear in the machine workings and cause a flood later.

And this, people, is why I shouldn’t be in charge of the laundry – or any other house hold duties come to that.

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