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Shivering in me timbers.

I’ve been cold.

Not quite as cold as some people here in the U.S., but cold enough for me.

I don’t operate well in the cold. I tend to sit and stagnate, and get colder and colder, and more and more paralyzed.

I really wouldn’t survive the End of Days when the ice covers the earth and all that terrible stuff that happens in The Day After Tomorrow. I would just lie down in the middle of the road and die.

Probably get eaten by the starving wolves first.

And then, the very next day, the sun would come out again and melt all of the ice, and if I’d only just hung on, one more day, everything would have been alright, and I would be warm and get on with my life and lived to see my grandchildren, and lived peacefully until the next disaster happened, at which point I would probably lay down and die again.

I’m a bit of a defeatist that way.

What is happening with the weather anyway.

We’re freezing. California’s droughting, and England’s sinking. And that’s not including the rest of the world.

Really best just to stay in bed.

Other news.

I had to say goodbye to Spencer the One Eyed Wonder.


He had a good life.

Look at that eye. He might just have had one, but it was a beautiful one.

And I’ve been painting.







Most of them aren’t finished because I’ve given up painting again.

I’m not good at it.

But look at this one by Jean Miro.


Why is this one good :(

I do like Jean Miro though.


Big difference here.

So, it’s back to the jewelry for me.


This is Chrysoprase.


 And this stone is Prudent Man Plume Agate.

Great name.

If you don’t hear from me for another long while it’s probably got cold again and I’ve lain down with the wolves.

No worries though …

Just so you know.

I’m working on a new triffid.

It’s vaguely thundering out there and I love it. Hopefully we’ll get a storm with a good heavy downpour and moody skies. Right now, it’s just grumbling but it’s nice and dark and promising.

Happy Sunday :)

Rain, computer trauma and hypochondria.

It’s raining – again. The pool has overflown. It’s been raining for days. Last summer the most water the garden got is if we spat on it. Terrible times for lots of areas that lost homes to fires here in Texas. This year no doubt there will be homes damaged by flooding. I haven’t checked the news yet but I suspect this might be the case for some homes today. I hope not.

That said, I love the rain. Not the drizzling, every day the same, grey, dismal kind of rain, but, the black skies downpour with thunder and lightning kind. Not so keen on the pool overflowing though.

Dropped my computer.

Placed it on the table and it slid off.

Fortunately it still works and the power cord still fits. Wasn’t really sure what that screwed up socket is but am told its the ethernet. Don’t use that so I guess I’m o.k. The screen is a little off it’s hinges but so far seems to work. Been pushing for a new one but the people who think they’re in charge say no. I have to learn to look after my things, they say … I might have to ignore them but we’ll see. On the whole I think it gives it some kind of character, at least I know which is mine.

Just found out that the flux I’ve been using contains fluorides. Now, I’m not too sure what this means. I know from the warning on the tube that its perhaps not good, but, my hypochondriacal self doesn’t want to find out the specifics. I tried looking on the internet but just couldn’t bring myself to click on the articles.

NOTE: If you’re reading this and know – please don’t tell me as I’ll have to curl up in a fetal position and not come out again.

I do know that my thyroid has been off and I’ve had to up my meds for it. I also know that fluoride affects this. Whether it’s the same kind of fluoride, I don’t know, but I’m now on the look out for a good, non fluoride, flux. I’ve found a few but am holding out for when I’m sure. I’m also looking into a better extractor fan for over the solder area. P set up one for me a couple of months ago but I don’t think it works. I haven’t the heart to say. (O.K. I do and I did, but I appreciate that he made it for me). I don’t really want to spend the $800 or so price for the one I found on the jewelry sites, so I’m going to see if we can’t explore different versions of the one P made. Just bigger, better, stronger – without the six million dollar price tag. S is home from school now so I might set him on it. He’s pretty good at figuring things out.

Other than that, not a lot going on really. Been doodling. Been making stuff. Put a ‘0’ on my rulerfinally. Been moping around trying to find the next book to read. I think I’ve settled on, House of sand and fog, by Andre Bubus, although I can’t hold my breath on it. Been trying to lose weight but have put on five pounds. Think that’s my thyroid thing, at least that’s what I’m going with.

Same ol’ stuff really.

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