My Quilts.






3 responses to “My Quilts.

  • Colleen Masbruch

    Wow, I am completely blown away by your multi-faceted talent. I bet you would be an awesome person to have tea with! My talent is physical: dance, rythym etc. I am too high octane to sit for any length of time so I admire those who can be one pointed. What a beautiful spirit of generosity you have. You get it. Much success on every level!!!

  • KJ

    I do not often do this, but you should pay a visit to Robin at
    I found her because she is a beader, but she also quilts. (So does her brother.) Robin is the founder of the bead journal, which I think is still an on-going year-by-year project. I think you might enjoy looking at some of her works.

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