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So where were we …

Well my dad left


And then my sister left


And once again I find myself here, all alone, in this strange land they call Texas.

It was great to see them. I really had a good time.

Dad was here for three weeks, which seemed like only one, and my sister was here for two.

Now they’re both gone.

Back to the Mother Land.

Without me.

And I had to have a little cry on the way home from the airport.

Well a howl really.

It happens.

I didn’t do much of anything during their visit which was nice.

Dad liked to sit outside in the 100 degree heat and read his book. I could only manage ten minutes at a time and I’ve lived here for twenty-six years.

My sister also liked to sit outside in the 100 degree heat and read her book.


You know what they say about mad dogs and Englishmen.

I’ve never been able to sit outside in the heat. Of all the people to come live here in sunny Houston, I was probably not the best first choice.

We went to the theatre to watch The Foreigner by Larry Shue which was really good and we had to laugh out loud.

Except it was FREEZING inside the theatre and we almost had to cry also.

I know, I know.

It’s too hot, it’s too cold. What’s a girl to do.

Live in Hawaii that’s what…

Anyway we didn’t ‘do’ the Space Center because it was like 100+ degrees and the thought of being outside on their little open air tram tour seemed a little…well, hot, but P did take my dad fishing  five times! because out in the bay where the air is so still that the water doesn’t move and the heat beats down on you to the point where you think your brain is frying and you can’t see the shore line which is your only hope for survival and you begin to think you’re living in some strange hallucinatory land from your worse nightmare is exactly what the doctor orders for all 85 year old men.

Did they listen to me?


And what did we get to show for the worry?

One little fish.


Dad survived to live another day and I think enjoyed living on the edge even if it did nothing but to prove that we’d never survive on their hunting and gathering skills.

My sister, on the other hand, found that worrying about whether your fishing skills are sufficient for survival meant nothing compared to being taken aside into the ‘special’ room at the airport because your hands show evidence of recent exposure to explosive materials.

We think that the only possible explanation for her detainment could be that we had been in my studio just before we left for the airport. Who knows what chemicals are lurking there. Fortunately I don’t know what to do with any of them except to make jewelry and my sister definitely doesn’t know what to do with them.

Thankfully she passed their second test and so avoided the ‘extra special’ room where she believed that the latex glove worn by the nice security lady may well have been put to good use.


Sorry K.

So, now they have gone


And I’m still here


It will be O.K.

Send chocolate…

I leave you with a photo of the only family I have left.


Aside from the two humans who live here.


And Pickles who doesn’t like to socialize with the local riff-raff.

Just so’s you know …

I survived landing in the fifth most dangerous airport in the world.

(I know you were worried).

This is where we went.


La Almoraima, Spain.

For this.


My new sister in law and my old brother in law.

ma35 ma34 ma38 ma51 ma27 ma15 ma14

ma7 ma9 ma11 ma10b ma33 ma82

The weather was gorgeous, the location beautiful, and landing in Gibraltar was no big deal after all, mostly thanks to the chap who decided he was staying in the toilet for the landing. With all the shouting and banging on the door I hardly realized we’d touched down.

I had fun with my family and am a little homesick now, but I’m glad to be back.

Now on to the next big adventure.

After Gibraltar, bring it on!

Shake it off already.

I’ve got 563 books to read and I’m stuck on the, House of Sand and Fog.

Every time I pick it up I enjoy it, but, I just don’t think to pick it up. I want to know what happens to the people – although the girl’s a bit annoying if you ask me. I want to watch the movie, which I wont let myself do until I’ve finished the book. And, more importantly, I’ve got loads and loads of murder mysteries just sitting there waiting to feed my need to brutally murder someone.

Actually, that’s not strictly true, but, I do often wonder why I like to read them so much. Maybe it’s my need for justice. Let’s hope so anyway. Bottom line, we might never know …

So I’ve been reading this one book for months and months now and it’s beginning to annoy me. It’s like a sore tooth, niggling away at me. I can’t abandon it though as it will forever haunt me.

My task for this coming week.

Finish the darn book why don’t you!

I woke up today thinking about an old friend. Someone I met in high school and who is godmother to two of my children. We lost touch a very long time ago. I came to live in America and she is still (I’m thinking) back in England. I wanted the internet to help me find her. It can find other things, why not her. Darn Internet.

You know in England, when people write letters, well my people anyway, they don’t put their address on the envelope, or on the top of the letter. I suppose they just think you will always know where they live, even if you haven’t heard from them for years and have forgotten their address.

I feel as though I’m losing my life.

I can’t find my friends. My eldest child is grown up and gone. Spencer One Eye is getting really, really, old. I’m getting old. And those old peeps who live in my family and who are parents and uncles and aunts and those kind of things are just up and dying, or going into those horrible old people homes to live out their days eating mushed food, surrounded by other old people, wondering what the h#@^ happened.

And, to top it all off, I’m worried about who ends up with the d^#* fog house.

And, all Spencer’s worried about is getting me to stop writing this drivel.

Maybe he’s got a point.

So, mooovin’ on –

here’s a quilt update.

And, surprisingly,

I’m thinking green.

Not any old green.

Lime green. (Don’t worry I’m  probably just channeling my psychotic side – again).

But, I don’t want to give it a Christmassy feel so I’m going to hold out on that thought.


Time to shake it off and rock the world.

Get up, get out, and, get going.

There are people out there losing their foggy houses people ..


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