Me …

  • I am married.
  • I have three children. (Two girls and a boy).
 One just graduated.
(Second from left, not wearing her hat … )
  • I read murder mysteries.
Because it saves me having to kill people myself …
  • I make jewelry.
  • I love to paint.
  • I make pottery.
  • I sometimes make quilts.
  • I doodle.
A lot …
  • I’m on a mission to make the perfect poached egg.
See here, and here
  • I have four pets.
The majestic Willow.
The one-eyed Spencer.
Bless him …
The evil Wally Walnut.
Never, ever, look him in the eye. Fortunately he’s asleep here …
And, the illusive Pickles.
Who is a bit fat and doesn’t really like her photo taken. As you can see from this rare photograph, she’s also as black as coal.
We also have a step cat.
The contortionist.
  • I sometimes employ lost souls to help with the chores. (Always legal, of course).
Here’s George tending the jalapenos in better days.
And, here, in not so good times.
You can read about his sorry story – here.
  • I like Wolfgan Puck’s tomato soup.
I might have some today :)
  • I injure myself.
A lot. Read about this particular injury – here.
  • I like to write.
  • I drink a lot of tea.
  • I’m trying to lose weight by walking on the treadmill whilst watching jewelry making dvd’s to improve my skills.
This is pretty hit and miss as actually getting to the treadmill is a psychological nightmare.
  • I’m English.
  • But I live in Houston, TX.
  • Oh, and I look remarkably like Isabella Rossellini
Only I don’t smoke.

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